My 3 Top Digital Marketing Techniques in 2017-18

by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder

I am going to discuss my top 3 digital marketing

Techniques which are very common however they

Will be very handy for the year 2017-18


          Today I am going to discuss my top 20 techniques which will be very helpful for our user. Techniques have been playing very important role always without proper techniques we cannot run ad means we cannot do anything weather is lead generation I think the whole digital marketing is depend on the techniques the more techniques we will have there will be our more chance to be in top.

Suppose if you are writing an article even in that you also need very important techniques like what kind of article you should have how you write your title, meta description, whether the article you are writing it has the words which should be according to Google or there are so many tools free or paid so we can take help from those tools, so bellow I am going to discuss my top digital marketing tic

         My first topic on digital marketing techniques will be content

·        Content marketing: I think for me content is always playing a very important role. Being a content writer I can understand it in a very good manner.


I think our content should be very simple and very easy so that our user or who read our content should be very comfortable to understand each and every word we write.


I think our content should be very well written, must use all grammatical knowledge we must focus on that all should be grammatically correct.


Our content should be very attractive to our very important users or searcher; I think we also write some fact as well.


I think it would be very good if we write some ‘’Bucket Brigades'’ words, I am sure it will be very helpful.


Our sentences should be short so that we could cope up with high bounce rate should be kept in mind always. And user should be staying more time on where we are writing our content should be staying more and more time.


I think one of the most important is always write or add LSI that is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). LSI words are those words which are very closely related words. I am sure it will help our article to get good position wherever we want to get it ranked.


·        Organic Search by (SEO) search engine optimization: I think my second 2nd digital marketing techniques will be organic search through SEO; SEO is one of the major arms in digital marketing.


Getting result from organically is always very important it may be difficult but while doing this I am sure you guys will enjoy. One of the most important things will be your curiosity to learn new thing.


If we work very hard with smart tactics we can achieve any target by doing it regular basis. Here I mean organic result.


Organic result will be long lasting however short result or you have done something wrong by using tactics which are not acceptable to you search engine.


I think you must have trust on you and always think that we can do anything to get organic result by doing very good SEO work.


I think as the time progress our task of getting organic result is going to be very difficult, so we must learn basic and we have to stick our basic concepts which I am sure going to play a major role in getting organic result.


I think our basic SEO should be as strong as rock is.


I believe that SEO techniques with mobile marketing will be very important in 2017-18 with Google recent announcement about the mobile index. If you noticed you may have seen that big increased in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) since 2016 I think.

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·        Big data:  I think big data has been playing a big role in not only in digital marketing but on other field as well. But being a digital marketer I am going to discuss what rile it can play in digital marketing.


Big data marketing will include market & customer or users’ insight & predictive analytics.


Now I am going to discuss about what are the three (3) Vs in big data so the 3 Vs are 1.Data volume, Data Velocity and Data Variety so these three are very important in business.


3 V will show why this is a key trend selected by so many people those who have experienced the increase in real time data & data formats in our business & also want to exploit the value to increase sales through personalization on website & through e-mail marketing


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