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Mathura is a very well-known holy city in the western Uttar Pradesh. It is frequently referred to as the birthplace of the Deity Lord Krishna. If you visit this place, you will be exposed to sense of purity and closeness to the almighty. 

Not only that but also, this place is famous for its street food and especially sweets. Every year, this city attracts many religious people who come here to worship the lord. Also, this place gives you peace and calmness that prevails in the air. You should not miss out on any delicacy of this place, to help you with that, here is an article which will tell you all. 

     Mathura Peda

If you are someone who has lived in the northern India, you probably have already heard about this. It is perfect blend of condensed milk, sugar and ghee. You can find this sweet throughout the year. Mathura Peda is quite famous among the locals and the visitors. 

It is also a preferred sweet for “bhog” which is the Indian term for offering to god. When you visit this place, you will see a number of temples distributing this as ‘Prasad’ to the followers. This sweet has a religious as well as social significance. 

     Mathura Dubki wale Aloo

This dish is basically a thin curry made out of potatoes. This is usually paired with Poori. It is something which is largely served and had as a morning or evening food. You will probably see many street stalls serving this authentic Masthura dish. 

It is a blend if several local spices which makes it a bit spicy and tangy. The spices include black pepper, cardamom, chilli, mango powder and cinnamon. Vegetable likes onion and garlic are totally avoided in the preparation. 


Ghewar is something which has its origin set in Rajasthan. This sweet is not available in Mathura throughout the year. But it's largely available during the Raksha Bandhan which is an Indian festival denoting love between brother and sister. 

The preparation involves addition of ghee in flour which is then flavoured with cardamom and nuts like pistachios and almonds. Further, it is fried in oil or ghee as per preferences. This dish is then finally served after soaking in sugar syrup. People also serve it with milk cream topped on it which makes it almost close to heaven. Don't you want to just eat it already? Order right away using Swiggy coupons and get a Discount. 


This is basically a drink which is famous for its textured taste and the blend of many flavours. The preparation of this drink involves a number of dry fruits and some spices. The main ingredient is milk which is cooled before serving. Then, sugar is added to milk to make is sweet. 

This drink is consumed largely in the summers because of its cooling effect. Also, this is something which makes Holi complete. In Mathura, this drink is compulsory if you have guests over to your house. 

     Kachori Jalebi

Kachori and jalebi together can do wonders. This  combination is a common breakfast of many in Mathura. Kachori is stuffed with certain mixes prepared specifically for the purpose. It is served with a curry made out of potato. Whereas, jalebi does the neutralising effect. It is sweet in taste because it is fried and soaked in sugar syrup. 

A bowl full of jalebi after the spicy kachori is what you should never miss out on. Isn't your mouth already watering, don't you want these dishes for breakfast? Worry not, order right away from the best restaurants using Swiggy Coupon Code to save some money to your trip to Mathura. 

     Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat has to be on the list as this is the most preferred evening snack of all times. While the crucial integrate is a patty made out of potato, it is a blend of a number of things. There is no specific way of making this dish. As India is diverse, you will also find diversity in the preparation of aloo chaat. 

There are a number of spices, chutneys, sauces and curd that makes the street food at this place taste amazing. These are some of the options available to you if you're planning your trip to this side of Uttar Pradesh. 

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