Moving checklist for a road trip

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Are you planning to move to a longer distance? For many of us, this is the perfect reason to go for a long trip also it solves two purposes, one a road trip and another packing and moving of belongings. With so many beautiful cities and landmarks throughout India, it is easy to understand why people often opt to drive and settle in a new place. Do you think you are ready for your move? Is this the final mode to relocate your goods? You can directly get in touch with Agarwal packers, the best known for transportation of goods via road.

Whether you are crossing the states or just a few cities, here you ultimate moving road trip checklist.

Your checklist must have:

Car essentials (especially your car keys)

Insurance of your vehicle

Driving license

Registration documents

Emergency essentials

Spare tire to cope up with mid-way punctures

Car manual to make sure nothing goes wrong

Enough trash bags for yourself and family

Face masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves especially during this Covid pandemic

Car seat organizer for eatables and snacks

Baby toys and stuff

An umbrella

Baby blankets and foods to ensure a safe journey for them

Several books or novels for other members traveling along

Chargers for mobile


A pair of clothes


A lot of bottled water

A folder for important documents and personal items

Benefits of driving v/s flying

It is less expensive than flying

Plane tickets can cost you more. If you are looking to save some money then there is none other better option than driving to your new home on your own.

It gives more flexibility

You are your own boss during the entire journey. There is no one to follow, all you have to do is on your own which ultimately provides more flexibility in making all the decisions.

It allows you to explore more

The personal drive can give you an opportunity to explore and enjoy new places even more. You can simply stop and live the beautiful views that may come in your way.

What to do to make your road moving trip safer and compatible for you and your belongings as well?

At first, you need to make a plan. The complete detail regarding the goods that you need to pack, the movers and packers that you should hire, the date that will be suitable, etc. Nevertheless, it is not possible for you to carry all your stuff on your own through a road trip unless you have planned to hire an expert to seek help from a local moving vendor. Whatever mode you choose, you have to be prepared for it in advance.

You must:

Sort the articles that you wish to relocate. Keep the size of your consignment small in order to reduce the burden of rearranging the stuff and some overall cost also. Yes, you read it right! The smaller the size of your consignment the cheaper it turns out to be. Thus, purge the items that you don’t use anymore. Add only the essential goods to your plan and donate or sell the rest of them.

Make a blueprint by knowing the exact space that you will have to adjust your stuff at your new home. Choose the articles based on the space and size available at your new house.

Know what matters the most, if something is expensive don’t forget to consider it as your top priority. These basically include stuff such as glassware, crockery, furniture, etc.

Get to know the pending bills and payments. Try to pay them before you leave the place.

Talk to the utility service providers and ask them to discontinue the services according to the date of your move.

Cancel the subscriptions.

What should be considered to decide the date of the move?

As it is a road trip it may take a longer time than usual thus it is beneficial to decide a date by keeping certain major factors in mind. The factors considered include:

Your work schedule, get in touch with your employer and take appropriate leaves if you are moving to another branch or office to continue the operations otherwise get the reliving formalities at your office as soon as possible if you are leaving the job obviously.

Talk to the movers and tell them about your road trip. Decide a date in such a way that the movers reach after you have already gone there or plan it according to the days of move that they will be taking to deliver your stuff.

The scenario could be worst if the moving company reaches your new home before you have reached there as it can lead to several problems such as who will open the door, who will check whether the items have been transferred safely or not etc. Thus, make sure you reach the destination place at least 3 hours before the movers arrive there.

What if the movers arrive late at the destination?

If this happens then you must get prepared for it in advance. Usually, the movers deliver the goods on time but in case of some unavoidable contingencies they arrive late, you can survive through a survival kit.

You should prepare yourself for such situations in advance and for that, it is recommended to pack an essential bag.

The essential bag must have:


Medicines and prescriptions

Baby food and essentials

Extra pair of clothes to change

Charger and power banks


Essential stuff and documents


Hand towel and all the other things that you constantly need and use every day.

This bag will help you to survive and stay in a good condition till the movers arrive at your place with all your belongings.

Important tips for a long-distance drive:

Plan the route

Prepare snacks

Get your car serviced

Book your hotel ahead of time (in case if you are planning to stay in the middle of the journey)

Download a map before the trip to follow the correct routes

Re-check to make sure you have all important documents

The above-mentioned information is enough to make your road trip simpler in all the ways rest Agarwal packers and movers is there to keep a hold of your precious valuables by delivering them in the safest manner possible.

Happy Moving!

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