Most Widely Famed Myths about Specialty Nuts that You Need to Know

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When it comes to the most loved food of all time, then nuts surely holds a great spot in the list. People love to eat nuts as a part of their meal and as a snack as well. The good thing about nuts is that they are good for health and does not cause any harm.

With the constant use of the internet, many people can know about the health benefits of this amazing thing. However, the same internet can spread myths about nuts which people tend to believe. In case you have also come across some of the myths about nuts, then below we bust some of the most popular ones to help you know the truth.

#1 Peanuts are Nuts

Many people believe that the peanut is a type of nut. The name also includes nut which makes people believe in the myth. The truth is that peanut is a legume and not a nut which comes with immense health benefits. The only drawback to this is that many people are allergic to it.

#2 Nuts Increases Weight

One of the biggest myth is that nuts increases weight and makes people fat. The reason why people believe in this myth is that nuts are generally high in fats. People forget that there are two types of fats and saturated fats are the ones which increase weight. Unsaturated fats help in reducing cholesterol in the body and specialty nuts have a large amount of unsaturated fat.

#3 Nuts Produces Heat in Body

Eating nuts will warm up the body is another widely popular myth among adults. Due to the same reason, they prefer eating trail nut mix packaging in winters and moderately in summers. The body produces heat whenever we eat anything due to the digestion process. There is nothing to do with nuts and it is just the way how the human digestive system is made.

#4 Nuts are Bad for People Who are on Diet

Everybody knows that nuts are high in proteins and fats which makes people believe that it will ruin their diet without even making them feel full. However, it will only happen if you are consuming a high quantity of nuts. Consuming a few nuts will not cause any harm to your diet and you are more likely to lose weight.

Now you know the difference between myths and truth about nuts. Without a doubt, nuts act as an overall food which can also be used as mini bar snacks in the UAE. There are several health benefits of consuming nuts, but make sure to forget about these myths before consuming them.

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