Most Used Tools in the Excavation Services in Central Coast

by Eva Spenser Innovation

Excavating an area can be a cumbersome task and the procedure involves planning, surveying, etc. before beginning the actual task. 

Several tools are used in the excavation area which will be discussed here. These tools can be classified into two categories i.e. the hand tools and the other equipment. 

The Hand Tools

These tools are used for smaller areas by the providers of excavation services in Sydney. To use these tools workforce is required in the area. These include:

  • The Shovel

With the help of this tool excavated soil can be lifted. The shovel has a metal plate of higher curvature compared to the spade to hold the soil easily while lifting. This tool is used mostly in lifting soft soil such as sand, mud, etc.

  • The Spade

Here the metal plate has sharp edges and is attached to the handle made of wood. The sharp edges of the spade make digging easier. However, the soil cannot be lifted with this tool due to the curvature of the 

  • The Hoe

This is a tool for excavation that has a metal plate attached to an acute-angled handle. The soil is excavated with the sharp edge of the plate. This tool is used mainly for excavating small areas. In several times a fork-type plate is being replaced with the metal plate.

  • The Trowel and Rake

This is a small tool to dig small trenches in soil or remove the shallow roots. On the other hand, the rake is the tool that has a horizontal rod with metal teeth for removing layers of soil that are smaller.

  • The Pick Axe

It comprises a hard spike that is attached to the handle in a perpendicular direction. Like the trowel, they are used to excavate small trenches in the soil. The pickaxes that are used in the excavation in Central Coast can hard type soils with efficiency. On one side of the tool, there is the metal spike that is pointed on one side with the wide blade on the other. 

The Machine Tools

These tools are operated by mechanical force for easier excavation. Some of these include

  • The Track Hoe

In this tool, there is the cabinet and the long arm. The latter consists of two parts namely the boom that is the closure cabinet and the latte is called the dipper-stick. The machine can rotate 360 degrees with the digging bucket attached to the dipper. This machine can be used in mining, pipelines, forestry, etc. The excavator runs on hydraulic fluid and hence this equipment is also called a hydraulic excavator.

  • The Bulldozer

This is heavyweight machinery that comprises a hard steel plate with a sharp edge in the front portion. The sharp edge helps the plate in cutting the soil for excavation. There are hydraulic arms to adjust the metal plate 

The bulldozer can be in a wheeled form or can be tracked. This equipment is widely used for excavations, soil lifting, removing weak rock strata, etc.

In most of the excavation services in Central Coast usage of other machinery can be seen too. With the advent of new technology, these new tools are helping the excavators to complete their job without facing problems.

Author Bio: The author owns a company that provides excavation services in Sydney and Central Coast with the use of hand tools as well as machine tools.

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