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Web design is far more critical to the overall business than one may be inclined to believe. Why? Well, that is because the site's design is highly valuable to the endeavor of delivering unique experiences that are conducive to the achievement of the company's ultimate goal, i.e., get better business. Unfortunately, cracking the 'right' web design code can be easier said than done; just think about it, we have long heard design must be unconventional and have an element of non-conformity and whatnot. And yet, sometimes such endeavors end up failing spectacularly.

That's not to say one must not innovate or get creative with web design. All we are saying is that there are some basics that one must follow to ace web design indeed. It is valid for anything; after all, you form your foundation with the best practices with demonstrated results and then take it from there. The same holds for web design as well, i.e., there are certain principles and fundamentals that, when appropriately adopted, can help one create some of the most stunning web site designs humanity has ever laid eyes on.  For example, typography; the font you use isn't just to make the website's and the content look pretty. It must be readable as well! There are a handful of other such practices, some of which we have listed below to help you create fantastic web designs.

    1. Fine-tune the contrast: The variance between two elements to distinguish them, a.k.a. Distinction, is vital to the website's design. Comprised of size, color, and depth, acing the contrast used on the website can take the map to the next level. After all, it is the contrast that enables the website's visitors to perceive and distinguish between different elements. So, we recommend increasing the contrast to take things up a notch and deliver a better user experience.
    2. Pay attention to the patterns: Yet another critical part of the design is a pattern, i.e., the part where an object or model is used repetitively. It serves to lend a sense of consistency across the website, which, again, is crucial for excellent customer experience. So, go ahead, make use of geometric patterns, software design patterns, and more but not without careful consideration.
    3. Leverage the negative space: Unlike what the name suggests, the negative space can play quite a decisive role in any website's design. So, instead of trying to fill up that empty space between different elements senselessly, leverage the white space to enhance readability, help users focus on the essential things, and more. If you are ever in doubt, take a look at Apple's still ads or its website, and you will be able to see precisely how negative space can be used productively.

Suffice it to say that following and integrating these design principles, especially during fashion portal development, will go a long way in ensuring the delivery of the first-class experience to your users, thus driving better business.

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