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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
You will find many Digital Marketers in Delhi who will claim that they are the best in the market but you need to understand the difference between the real one and the fake one. So if we go back to our brush tool and I'm working in the digital marketing company in delhi space then I can hit control plus and I zoomed in. However, I never left that tool. I still have that tool so I can start working and then I can zoom out and I can continue working and then I can zoom out some more.
I can maybe work over here some. And so it allows us to keep using the tool and not have to leave that tool so that we can zoom in and out by holding control or command and hitting plus to zoom in or minus to zoom out. We can also meet a digital marketing expert in delhi and do the same thing with the hand tool by holding the spacebar. So let me zoom in a couple of times here and you can see we're at percent by looking at the tab.

Why you need a Digital Marketing Company for business growth?
So we're zoomed in twice as much. Now I can use this brush tool here. And then if I hold the spacebar it turns it into the hand tool. And so that means that I can actually move around this workspace when I let go it goes back to my brush and I can make some adjustments and then hit space and use my hand and work over here and so forth. And then when I'm done and I want a digital marketing expert in delhi to zoom out and not leave the brush tool I hate controller command and hit the minus sign and that'll zoom out to percent.
  • Let's go back to our sixty-six points seven percent. So that's how you navigate around the workspace while staying in those tools. That's using controller command plus controller command minus in the spacebar.
  • Learn those shortcuts now because it'll save you a lot of time instead of going over and actually picking these tools to zoom in and out so finally let me show you digital marketing expert in delhi how to save and open up a document just so you know how to do that in the future if you need to.
  • So if we go to the top we can go to file and then we can click on Save. You can see there's a shortcut key control or command s to save which is another one you might want to learn as you work in the document.
  • You want to save often. So by knowing that shortcut control yes you can continually hit that and make sure you're saving your document all the time. But I'm just going to go ahead and click on this and then you can navigate to the folder where you would like to save this document.
  • So here in this navigation and tools files folder and we can give it a name so we're just going to call it what we name the digital marketing expert in delhi document navigation and you can see that the extension is a PS D file that is a Photoshop document file.
  • What happens is we're not saving this as an image we're saving this as the ability to come back into this file and open it up later on. So you can click on the Save Us type and then you can have a lot more options such as images. So here you can see we can save as a BNP file a JPG file or all these other different files PG target tests and some other different ones here too.
But we're just going to save it as a Photoshop document for now so that we can access this document later on and work on it if we need a digital marketing expert in delhi to grow business. So I'll just go ahead and click save and now it has saved the name as navigation dot P SD. So if I ever need to close and reopen this document I can do that. 

How a Digital Marketing expert can help your business?
So let's go ahead and hit this little x button here to x out of this document. You can see we're back on the home screen and it's showing our recent documents. So we actually have that we can click on it right here or we can click on the open button on the left-hand side or we can go to the top and go to file open so we'll open up the file. We were already in this folder so it's just brought that back for us.
We can select the navigation, not BSD document and then hit open and there's our file so we can continue working on it. So hopefully that gives you a little brief overview of how a digital marketing expert in delhi might work around Photoshop and use some of the tools navigate the workspace and create new documents save them out and then open them for later on.
  • Now, this is something that you will commonly be doing because selections are a very important part of taking a piece of the photograph or design that you're working on and manipulating it.
  • So when you make a selection you're defining an area that you want to edit and the edit can be anything it can be moving it around making it bigger or smaller rotating it changing the color adding effect. So let's go ahead and take a look at that now.
  • Over in the toolbar, you can see that we have a digital marketing expert in delhi and a couple of selection tools such as a rectangular marquee tool the lasso tools and then the quick selection and the magic wand tools. There's also a select option at the top and if we click on that you can see that we have a bunch of different selection options.
  • Now we won't go over all of these now because there are more ways to select such as using select and mask in quick mask mode and some other things but we'll look at some of the basics.
  • So first of all if we want to edit everything on our workspace we can just hit the all button to select all button. So I'm going to press that and whenever I do you can see that these little marching ants as we call them are going around this document. This is called a marquee selection a marquee or marching arts.

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