Most Efficient Fleet Management Solutions for Your Business

by Emma L. Business consultant

The rise of the digital era and the many technological advancements that come with it have completely reshaped our businesses. Nowadays, modern companies, big and small, aim to optimize their efficiency, not merely for the purpose of impressing their clientele, but in order to keep up with the fast-progressing world.

As a result, transportation companies are ensuring their vast fleets offer a competitive service, predominantly with the right fleet management system, thus creating an all-encompassing business solution. If you are looking for the right option for your own fleet, the following factors will determine which system will work best with your business structure.

Fuel management

An issue that is essential to transportation companies of all sizes, cost-effective and smart use of fuel resources can have a major impact on the overall financial stability of a company. The latest technological breakthroughs in GPS tracking allow you the level of transparency that can help you ultimately lower your fuel bill.

Managers know all too well that driver behavior, traffic environment and the route itself are some of the key influences on fuel usage, and as your company grows in numbers (both those of drivers and clients), so does the need for a high level of fuel control. While real-time access to your vehicles can serve as a handy tool to adjust the parameters of the route, and send instant alerts, every business can benefit from a data storage with previous journeys, in order to analyze your fleet’s performance and make additional changes before their next assignment.

Reducing risky behavior

While smaller businesses have the benefit of in-depth insight into their drivers’ performance on a daily basis, running a larger fleet while avoiding the risk of high-risk behavior on the road can make or break a company and its reputation. Safety concerns are still the highest priority for fleets no matter their number, so tracking the drivers’ behavior can help you find the right people for the job and always ensure safety measures and regulations.

Customized configurations within your fleet tracking system can include speed alerts, kilometer alerts, and other real-time factors that can influence the safety of your drivers, road safety as well as the basic requirements, such as timely arrivals and deliveries. Reducing idle time, and various types of risky behavior will not only help you choose the right people for the job, but also ensure that the efficiency levels of your fleet are at their absolute best.

Vehicle maintenance

Another crucial segment of choosing the right fleet management solution is that it allows you an insight into the availability and maintenance needs of your vehicles. Keeping an eye on the mileage of each vehicle, the frequency of required repairs and potential emergency issues can serve as the much-needed alert you may need a replacement vehicle, or that a simple mileage servicing is in order.

Taking into account such a simple strategy as scheduling your fleet’s maintenance will be a true life-saver for ensuring that you have enough available vehicles for your existing clients, and taking a vehicle off the road would not impact your income. Not to mention that regular servicing and maintenance will serve as a forward-thinking strategy to avoid unforeseen issues on the road and thus prevent unexpected repair costs.

Route optimization

Real-time tracking systems and those that enable you to analyze your previous journeys of the same route can be a well of useful information on how to optimize your fleet’s performance on a daily basis. From choosing the routes at a particular time of day that will help your drivers avoid traffic jams, choosing the safest, most vehicle-friendly roads, all the way to shortening the travel time to their destinations, managing your routes can completely transform your operations.

A few kilometers may not seem like an issue at the moment, but if you already have a growing fleet of vehicles, you will soon notice the cash leakage a single wrong route can become. Investing in your vehicles and your service is essential, and choosing the most efficient route is yet another way of protecting those investments.

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