Most Common Issues in Washing Machines

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A washing machine is an appliance that has been a part of every household around the world since the beginning of the 20th century. The Washing Machine has been constantly updated and improved over time. After the birth of the automatic washing machine with a spin function in 1937, it forever saved homemakers from the manual process of washing dirty laundry.

Today, the washing machine has become a basic necessity for every household. With growing technology, the washing machine of today is much smarter and more efficient than before.

Since the washing machine is just an electrical appliance, it may require maintenance or repair over time. We cannot expect any electrical appliance to run for ages without any breakdown. If the washing machine is faulty, we might have to replace the universal spare parts for washing machine.

So here, we will discuss some of the most common issues faced by consumers in the washing machines these days which will help you in understanding such unintentional mistakes which you can avoid in the future so that your machine can run smoothly without any major breakdowns. Below are some of the most common issues in washing machines these days and how to deal with them: 

             1.   Slow or improper drainage of water.

The problem with draining water is said to be a scourge for the owners. This happens most of the time due to a clogged drainage outlet. This is the most manageable problem to be solved. All you need to do is carefully unscrew the drain filter on the panel at the bottom of the washing machine. Be prepared as all of the water that is stuck in the washing machine will pour out of the twisted knot.

The second reason for improper draining of the water might be because of the drain pump. This universal washing machine spare part is located behind the drain pipe. The drainage pump is accessible from the bottom of the washing machine and is generally easy to replace.

The third reason is associated with the control module. This issue is a major one and requires an experienced technician to repair or replace the complete module.

2.   Water heating issues.

In automatic washing machines, water heating feature is there so that clothes can be washed in warm water for denser stains. In more than 80% of cases, the water heating stops because of an inoperative water heating element. The quality of tap water has a detrimental effect not only on our oesophagus but also on the metal in which it is used. Getting to the heating element is not an easy task. Instead, it is not difficult to get to it, but difficulties may arise while dismantling this universal washing machine replacement part. It is necessary to dismantle the back cover of the washing machine first and then you can find the water heater between the tub and drum.

You can check its performance with a tester or with a control lamp which you can make yourself at home. You can identify issues in the water heater by matching two wires to it. It is much more difficult to dismantle it, which must be done very carefully so as not to damage the drum. Usually, a water heating sensor is located in the heating element itself. Generally, the water heating issue is resolved by replacing the heating element assembly or the heating sensor.

3.   Weird noises or vibrations during the washing cycle.

All washing machines make noises or vibrations while washing. When such noises are increased that’s when you should check the machine for any fault. Many budget models of washing machines are produced with a non-separable washing unit which makes the customers more inclined towards buying such units. However, the noise during spinning is most likely due to the wear and tear of the bearing assembly, and to get to it, it is necessary to disassemble the non-separable tank. Also, the vibrations or noises sometimes may increase due to some piece of debris like coins or pens which might have been accidentally placed in the washing machine with your clothes. So, always clear the pockets of the clothes before every wash to ensure such things never happen in the future as such debris might end up in ruining the internal mechanics of the washing machine.


There are many online platforms that provide such universal spare parts for the washing machine. You can browse the internet and find the right replacement parts for washing machines online. Make sure that you buy genuine spare parts for washing machine in order to increase the life of your appliance.

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