Most Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings

by Kevin Smith Author

All structures are bound to have electrical problems from time to time. But because commercial and industrial buildings have much more complex wiring systems, they experience issues more often than residential buildings. As a commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the electrical system remains intact and the building stays safe. To do so, it’s vital to know the signs of common electrical problems that may require the services of a commercial electrical contractor in Los Angeles, CA. Keep reading to learn more about the most frequent indicators of an electrical problem. 

Flickering Lights

If you notice that the lights in your building are flickering, it could indicate something more serious than an old lightbulb. Often, flickering and dimming lights are caused by poor connections. If you choose to ignore this issue, the bad connections can result in long-term damage and will eventually need a complete repair. Talk to an electrician to discuss your options and fix this problem before it gets worse.  

Tripped Circuit Breakers

There are a few different things that can cause a circuit breaker to trip. The breaker may be overloaded, there may be a ground fault, or it may be a short circuit. When a problem like this is not properly addressed, it can be a fire hazard and put the whole building at risk. You’ll need to turn off the breaker, so the flow of electricity won’t cause the circuit to overheat. Then, contact your electrician to repair the issue and prevent future fire hazards.

Unanticipated Power Loss

It should go without saying, buildings need power so people can do their jobs. If the power goes out unexpectedly, whether in the whole building or just part, it can severely interrupt the workday and cut profits. This issue may be resolved by simply flipping the fuse switch, but sometimes it can require a professional’s assistance. 

Outdated Wiring

The older an electrical system is, the more likely it will be to experience issues like electrical surges and overloaded circuits. Many commercial properties have a combination of older, original electrical systems and newer ones that were added during recent renovations. If this is the case in your building, you should hire an electrician to inspect the whole building and see if any upgrades are necessary.


Sparks are never a good sign. If you notice a spark appear when you plug in an appliance, it usually means that the wires are burning or melting. Shut off the main power source and contact a commercial electrical contractor in Los Angeles, CAright away. 

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