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by Liu Yang Blogger

At the present time, the first thing a person gets when he/she wakes up is his/her mobile phone. It has become a normal routine for us people checking out text messages, browsing pictures and stuff, playing games and just using mobile applications. Mobile phones isn’t just for communication by making calls or sending text messages with the technology today these mobile phones can be like as computers as well. It is either you can check your email, browse or surf or even access social media websites.

Mobile phones are that handy today compared to the mobile phones in the past. So what is a mobile phone in general? It is a portable telephone that can either receive or make calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within telephone service area. Mobile applications that are installed in our phones are computer programs that are designed to run on mobile phones. How are these mobile applications made? Well, these mobile applications are developed by people that are called programmer/developers.

These developers/programmer creates applications based on a client’s need it is either can be universal meaning this application is for all mobile users or it can be for personal use meaning it is designed for a specific person or company. Mobile app development in Singapore is rapidly growing because of the need of mobile applications in the market. As you can see almost every year a number of mobile applications are launched. The usual applications that are developed are mobile games because the demand for applications like this is high. Why? Most mobile users today uses mobile applications are people in between 14 to 30 years old. The range of age given is users that use applications as their past time.

Other than games there are various kinds of mobile applications like life style mobile applications which are related with fitness, dating, food, music, and travel examples of these are Spotify, TripAdvisor and Uber. The next kind of mobile app is social media applications these are the applications that is mostly used by almost all mobile users and most popular because today’s society shares more about their day-to-day lives than ever before. Example of common types of social media apps are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Utility mobile applications are the types of apps that we may use most often without thinking about them as apps examples are reminders, calculators, flashlight and weather. While this may sound the most boring type of mobile application productivity mobile applications is an incredibly popular category. These type of apps help its users accomplish a task quickly and efficiently, making what are sometimes mundane task easier and examples are docs, sheets, and wallet/pay. Last but not least is the information outlet mobile apps these applications are pretty straight forward. It supplies their users with the news and information they are looking for in an easy to understand layout and examples are Buzzfeed and SmartNews.

In the years to come mobile application development in Singapore will surely grow more and applications will be more enhanced than ever.

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