Mobile App Development Process In Atlanta: A Step-by-Step Guide

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With technology rising every day, the tech city Atlanta has been gaining a lot of attention when it comes to mobile app development. Over the last few years, many have stood up and seen the potential of Atlanta being one of the top tech cities in the USA. From large-scale businesses to small businesses and entrepreneurs alike have found the opportunity to rise and shine. 

Hence, people or rather businesses are looking for a mobile app development company in Atlanta. Without much further ado, let’s check out the mobile app development process in Atlanta. 

This blog will provide you with the ultimate guide to start your own business/app in Atlanta. 

  1. Arranging and Research 

The arranging platform ought to happen following you have envisioned your thought for an app. "Arranging" here doesn't allude to choosing how your app will look or how you will program it; rather, the arranging platform should expect to address a few significant level inquiries regarding the achievability of your thought in the current market space. 

Arranging by and large incorporates statistical surveying and running a plausibility study. Questions, for example, "are there other apps that do what mine will do?", "Is there a requirement for my app?", and "what is my app's incentive?" should be replied to. Any Android mobile developer can comprehend whether there is a specialty on the lookout for your app before you spend significant assets in building the app and showcasing it. 

You additionally need to choose what platforms your app will be accessible for (iOS, Android, Web, and so on) If you are producing for more than one platform, you will need to choose if you'll adopt a Hybrid strategy or grow locally for every platform. When choosing which platform(s) bode well for your app, make certain to consider what rivalry as of now exists there and where most of your crowd is. These last two inquiries can assist you with choosing not just the plausibility of the app in general, yet in addition where you should focus introductory development endeavors to make a proof-of-idea. 

In arranging, contribute a lot of time forthright to ensure that your app, at any rate, gets an opportunity to progress. Pose the inquiries 1) are there individuals able to utilize your app and 2) there are individuals able to pay for your app. Before you continue ahead to the plan platform you ought to be capable of unhesitatingly answer "yes" to these inquiries. 

Try not to be hesitant to invest bunches of energy here since you haven't contributed numerous assets yet. Better to be sure about the attractiveness of your app than to distribute it and acknowledge you should've intended your app for an alternate crowd, or not squander your energy on creating it by any stretch of the imagination. 

For more data concerning this, we suggest perusing our article 3 Considerations Before Designing An App. 

2. Prototyping 

Prototyping is the platform where you start quickly delivering wireframes and emphasizing client criticism. A wireframe can be considered as a low-loyalty manual for the UI and UX of your app and offers an overall feeling of the app's usefulness and stream without diving into the more modest subtleties of shading or style. Your wireframes shouldn't be completely included - simply center around addressing center functionalities (basically, the insignificant practical product, or MVP) of your app and getting criticism on that. 

There are apparatuses out there that can help you gather input on your app wireframes, like InVision. Acquiring input from an enormous number of individuals in your intended interest group is basic. Without it, you may plan an app that doesn't exactly hit the imprint for convenience for your crowd. For instance, you could foster a flight booking app that requires two hands to easily work the interface, possibly to find when you discharge that your crowd of financial specialists will not try to utilize this because they just have one hand free as they hustle through the air terminal with their packs. 

Have an iterative methodology at this platform so you can present whatever number models to your clients as could reasonably be expected, letting your arrangement for the app's usefulness adjust and advance. Try not to be reluctant to invest energy here, because you need to ensure you are making an app that will in reality address your crowd's issues! It's smarter to begin heading the correct way than to need to get back to this platform part of the way through development. 

After repeating over the researchers you've gotten from your crowd and checking that your clients are emphatically accepting your model, the time has come to continue onward to the plan platform. 

3. Designing & Implementation

There is a large number to the plan period of app development, so we will just momentarily cover the absolute most significant ones. Initially, it is up to your UX and UI fashioners to additionally refine the supported wireframes. This implies putting and creating UI components, characterizing client stream, understanding the significance of the component progressive system, and so forth Now, you should deliver high-devotion mockups that your developers would then be able to transform into a working app, alongside subtleties on what happens when components are tapped, swiped, hauled, and so forth 

A brand rule should be set up also (If you don't as of now have one), so your app's marking is steady and surely known by both your originators and developers. To plan a firm app, it's significant that each screen regards your rules. 

Planning a marketing procedure ought to likewise happen at this platform. This for the most part implies sorting out how you will educate individuals concerning your app (social media, making a blog, and so on) It might likewise include making a site to gather messages from clients who might be keen on your product, a bulletin, or an online media following. 

4. Development 

The development platform is the place where you start to compose the code for the "last" form of the app. This is the place where you utilize the input you have gotten from the wireframes and make some last, possibly huge, choices. You can either hire an Android mobile developer or an iOS developer to fulfill your requirements. 

Mobile app development in Atlanta has more to it than your business thinks. This is the place where philosophies like cascade or dexterity can be carried out. By and large, a coordinated methodology is more alluring for fostering a mobile app. These techniques for fostering a product will be examined further in a later article. 

Additionally, incorporating an investigation motor into your app during this platform is basic. Make occasions for all conceivable client communications so you can perceive how your app is being utilized and the overall progression of clients. This data will turn out to be exceptionally valuable to find out about your clients and further repeat your app's plan whenever it is delivered to the world so you can make the most ideal product. 

5. Testing 

Preferably, testing happens in corresponding to the development platform. Constantly test to keep post-discharge costs low. Unit tests, UI tests, and mix testing are important to guarantee that you work out any significant bugs or oversights as right on time as could be expected. Experiments can expand the time spent in the development platform, yet over the long haul, they can significantly diminish both time and financial expenses of upkeep and backing. 

Testing will likewise be taken care of later in the upkeep phase of your app. At the point when you roll out a minor development, you can run all your experiments and distinguish where your progressions may have broken different pieces of the app without needing a human to physically stroll through each experiment. 

6. Delivery 

This is the place where you will present your app to the App Store or Play Store for endorsement. Learning this cycle is significant since you will do this each time you discharge another adaptation of the app. Now in the development cycle, you ought to have worked out the greater part of the significant bugs your analyzers found and you ought to have a quality app that will pass the rules for the store where you will transfer it to. 

Congrats! Your app is accessible to general society. In any case, your work isn't finished. In the wake of delivering your app, you get back to the prototyping platform. You will audit input from your clients, conceivably adding new highlights, and afterward re-delivering once more. These 5 platforms will be circled, further refining your product to your crowd over the long haul. 

This is additionally the platform where you start marketing your product. The marketing methodologies and social media endeavors arranged and created before this platform should allow your app an opportunity of being seen out there in nature. 

7. Upkeep

This platform truly starts simultaneously as delivery and should advance in equal. Upkeep is the place where you screen the situation with your app, fix any bugs that might be available, and ensure the app keeps on filling in true to form. Refreshing your app for new forms of the OS, or to help new gadgets, is additionally a piece of support. 

Progressing upkeep of your app won't ever end. Until you choose to stop support for your app (possibly forsaking your clients), you will keep up your app inconclusively.


To put it succinctly, the above guide will help you understand the mobile app development process. And if you’re looking to find the best mobile app development company in Atlanta then you should do your homework properly and get assistance from a mobile app development company like Moon Technolabs, which has dedicated developers on board with the perfect skillset to fulfill your requirements.

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