Mining and Aquaculture: Viable Investment Options

by Akash Sharma Akash Sharma

Investing in a single-business is like trusting on a glass vessel to carry water over the hills. We never know when it will fall and break. Eventually, leaving us with an empty hand and a thirsty throat. It is an intelligent move to invest in various genres of businesses to escape from becoming broke again.

One of India's leading companies – the KCT Group of Company-owned by Varun Thapar, stays in that top mark o ly because of this strategy. They started as a coal logistics company but eventually invested their money towards other businesses like real-estat es and aquaculture.


Mining businesses are always providing their owners and investors with more profit than they could imagine. They include coal logistics, petrol mining etc. Among all the other types of mining, coal mining is more profitable. Once the coal is mined and processed, it is ready to be transported, providing good money.


Many people prefer to eat ready-to-cook or instant meals in today's modern world rather than taking time to cook a nutritionally fulfilling meal. Significantly, those fishes and meat which we consume are not properly grown. Aquaculture is also a fast-growing business in this fast-paced world.

It stays unique because not many people possess the knowledge. Aquaculture is all about fishes, shrimps etc. that require special pond preparations to breed. Unlike those loosely bred fishes from marine and freshwater, these fishes are bred in tanks and safe circumstances.

These fishes can be stated as the ones with more nutritional value since they are bred very carefully under pre-specified conditions. They have a special diet and nutritional competencies. This makes them a more preferred choice among the masses.


Fish products

Nothing goes to waste when you are dealing with fish business. While its flesh is used for cooking and eating as food, its extras are of medicinal value like – the oil from its cod liver is rich in vitamins A and D. They help treat people with poor eyesight, vision-related problems. They also act as good medicine for improving health.

Some ayurvedic doctors ask their patients to eat more fish while they are under specific ayurvedic medication.

Knowing all these, many companies have considered and even invested in such businesses. Among them, KCT Group stands on prominence and shines with its own set of strategies and loyal customers. It is one of India's most leading companies.

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