Men Are Using Sex Toys Wholeheartedly – Here’s Why

by Jiiang Lui professional writer

Do you find it surprising that the men of today use pleasure devices? Well, you shouldn’t! After all, it isn’t shameful by a long shot. Also, it brings a host of health benefits.


Do you find it surprising that the men of today use pleasure devices? What kind of a picture does your mind frame when you hear about males using them? Does it show you a not-at-all discreet “machine” or “fleshlight” shoved inside a closet to prevent nosy people from discovering it? If your head is full of concepts like these, you may want to believe that using pleasure devices isn’t anything less than a taboo. Fortunately, the story is different now.


The truth


Firstly, there isn’t anything shameful in using pleasure devices, and secondly, they come with a host of health benefits. So yes, a Male Sex Machine is a common sight in the wardrobes of men these days. Of course, many individuals feel ashamed about using them, but about 45% of them don’t. They rely on toys during solo play and with their partner. Does this value seem shocking to you? It shouldn’t! In reality, the number should be much higher, and everyone should encourage their peers to use toys.


  1. Physical health improvement: As mentioned earlier, a male Masturbation Machine can improve the health of the user. After all, masturbation is a healthy act, regardless of popular belief, and these toys augment the experience. Of course, you can always rely on your hands, but it’ll become boring sooner than later. Toys won’t just amp up the pleasure factor but even increase orgasm intensity. The most significant advantage of using them is that they can reduce the risks of prostate cancer.


  1. Sexual health improvement: Using pleasure devices to masturbate can enhance sexual health and performance, apart from overall physical well-being. With pleasure devices, you can explore your preferences and fantasies to decide what you like and what you don’t. They even bolster your confidence before you attempt something new with your partner. If you suffer from pesky problems like premature ejaculation, toys can eliminate them. You should be able to achieve a harder erection than before and even delay ejaculation.


  1. Perfect for couples: Pleasure toys can spice things up in the bedroom for just about everyone because they bring more pleasure than usual when two individuals use them simultaneously. You can use them when you assume different positions during intercourse. Using toys with a partner can be exceptionally intimate if both of you are searching for new and better ways of experiencing pleasure.


  1. Covering the distance: Toys can also offer exciting and fun-filled ways for couples in long-distance relationships to connect intimately. You can always choose to use conventional pleasure devices during so-called “phone sex.” However, you should try the technologically enhanced products of today leveraging “teledildonics.” These devices are controllable remotely over long distances.


The types


Several types of toys are available these days. Here is a few worth mentioning.


  1. Machines: These mechanical devices can simulate sexual intercourse and other kinds of sexual activities. They can be extractive or penetrative.


  1. Sleeves: Also called masturbation sleeves, they imitate the anus, vagina, or even the mouth. You can put your penis into it and masturbate.


  1. Cock ring: This accessory helps you delay ejaculation. You have to attach it to the base of your penis. When you do, it’ll restrict the flow of blood and decrease the possibility of premature ejaculation.


  1. Penis extender: Penis extenders, also called penis sleeves cover the penis while increasing its girth and length. It’s just like a dildo that you can wear.


  1. Prostate massager: Also called a prostate stimulator, it’s a wand designed specifically to reach the prostate gland and stimulate it.


Wrapping it up


Hopefully, this write-up has been of use to you. It’s assumable that you now understand that there isn’t anything shameful about using pleasure toys. Maybe you want to start using one as soon as possible after finishing this topic. Hundreds and thousands of options are available these days. Rest assured, you’ll find something that suits your experience, sexuality, and preferences.


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