Meaning of MPV in the blood test

by Robert Fisher awesome
MPV is a blood indicator that is conducted in the normal blood tests being held. This is not an expensive or complicated test. The results also analyze the size and average of platelets present in the body of a person. This is essential because platelets are responsible for the strength of immune system and clogging of blood. MPV blood test actually stands for Mean Platelet volume and they are the part of complete blood count test also known as CBC test. In this test, the other components of blood such as WBC and RBCs are also analyzed.

Some of the important meanings are associated if the results of the test are not normal. Those conditions are as follows.

Normal value

Actually, there is a range that shows the normal value of platelets. In adults, the range is from 7.2 – 11.8 FL and it varies from each clinical laboratory. This is because a different type of machinery is used in every laboratory so their count may be different. So, the range makes it easy to analyze the results. If the difference in the range is more, it may show the risk of heart failure or cardiovascular problems.

MPV high

The main function performed by platelets in blood is the clogging of blood when a person suffers from any injury. If the size of these platelets is too high as compared to the normal once, this will result in acute coronary syndrome. If the detection of largely sized platelets is made at the right time, all the risks can be decreased. Some of the things associated with this include hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and smoking. So, it should be controlled as soon as possible with the help of these controlling factors.

MPV low

If the MPV blood test shows that the number of platelets is less than the normal average, this is an indication of some other problems. The bleeding time of the patient in increased because the blood loses the ability to clog and the excessive blood loss leads towards coagulation disorder. However, in some cases, even the low MPV value is considered as normal because of certain reasons. Such as in women during the menstrual cycle, they show a low number of platelets. Moreover, neonate also shows low MPV value and it is also considered to be a normal condition. There are many other disorders associated with the low MPV and most of them are as follows.

·         Viral infections or HIV have a close association with the decrease in platelets. So, immediately these tests should also be performed.

·         Some of the drugs such as heparin and anticoagulant therapy are the reason behind the decrease in MPV.

·         The spleen may be over active sometimes and this also shows the number of platelets as low.

·         Some people have Aplastic anemia and this has a close influence on the platelets synthesis.

·         Some close results of low MPV blood test are the extreme blood hemorrhage and the delay in process of coagulation.

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