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 Mathematics is a branch of science that cover algebra, geometry, arithmetical questions, calculus, trigonometry and other topics as well. Teaching mathematics help a student to understand all the financial concept such as expenses, incomes, profit and loss, credit and debt etc. it is also helpful for your future job or business. Mathematical information is used in statistics, do analysis while taking a decision in business and in research. Also, mathematics is associated with various other fields like finance, Research, economics, arts, engineering, science and much more.

The development of mathematics comes from the very beginning of human civilization.  People find different ways to count things and introduce number. In early days there were just do a simple calculation. But with the development of civilization and society, there is an addition to each math topics. As we see that mathematics is the compulsory subject in all level of academic.

Areas categorized under pure Mathematics are:

1. Analysis:

The first area of mathematics branch is analysis, in this area student learn the knowledge of calculus. It is the modern establishment of science that helps to conclude the data and construct the model of change. Calculus also categorized into two main part: Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus. In Differential Calculus students learn the change in Differential quantities and in integral calculus students study the infinite integral of length, area, and volume.

2. Algebra:

In algebra students study the multiple operations that contain variables along with the numbers, it is called algebraic expression. In this area, students need to complete an assignment that involves polynomial expression with one or more variables. Algebra is also divided into three parts: elementary algebra, abstract algebra, and linear algebra.

3. Geometry:

Geometry is also another area of mathematics that deals with shapes, graphs and its instructions. It all about the study of geometrical objects. Geometry consists of different branches such as Algebraic Geometry, conventional Geometry, Discrete Geometry and much more.

4. Arithmetic:

Arithmetic is another branch of mathematics that deals with the study of numbers and various operation.


Topics that cover in mathematics assignment:

         Abstract Algebra



         Discrete Math

         Elementary Algebra

         Functional Analysis


         Graph Theory

         Integral Calculus

         Linear Algebra

         Analytic Geometry



         Complex Analysis

         Differential Calculus

         Differential Equations

         Differential Geometry


         Mathematical Analysis

         Matrix Analysis

         Multivariable Calculus

         Number Theory

         Quantitative Methods

         Real Analysis

         Set Theory

         Statistics and Probability

         Tensor Analysis

         Theory of Optimization



         Vector Calculus

         Numerical Analysis



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