Massage Workers - Are You Paid For Giving Pleasure?

by Stephanie Scott Internet Marketer

The happy ending to an erotic massage is pretty much the ultimate taboo of the erotic massage business: the final, triumphant goal that brings it all crashing down into a blissful, luxurious stop-start position. If you've ever tried to climax during a sensual or erotic massage and had to "stop and go," or felt like you were about to explode, know that this is a common ending. But don't worry. These "happy endings" don't have to be the ending for you! In fact, they can be your starting point...

In erotic massage South Kensington, the happy ending massage, there may be only one person in the room, yet it's as sensual and erotic as any other erotic massage. In fact, it's often described as the ultimate sexual massage. So why would anybody want to stop it?

The truth is that most people have a fetish or "endurance" for massages that involves some element of pain. If you've ever had any real pain in a massage, whether it was from actual pinching or some form of stretching, you can appreciate the appeal of the "happy ending" in erotic massages. People get turned on by pain, and when you have someone gently pinching your nipples while your hips are being kneaded in a "come here" motion, it's very electrifying. People also get turned on by feeling vulnerable in an erotic massage. If you've ever felt the sheets rip across your skin as you're lying in bed fully clothed, feeling the gentle tightening of a bra strap as it slides along your body, or felt the fabric of your top rub against your skin as you shift in response to your partner's thrusts - chances are good that you're craving the release that comes from a well orchestrated erotic massage. And while it's true that these types of massages don't teach you how to be tender and loving, they do allow you to experience the feelings of intimacy and caring that come with sensual touch.

A common question that I get asked often is whether or not the act of giving a woman an erotic massage actually helps me save money. The answer is that it depends. In some cases, the act of giving a woman an erotic massage can actually save a woman's wallet.

Some common myths about erotic masseuses are that they have to be male. In my years of working as a masseuse, this is simply untrue. Many exotic therapists are women too, and I've worked with men as well as women. My male clients have told me that they are not embarrassed to go to a masseuse with my girlfriend because we're not the typical couple that is spending time together. A common misconception is that exotic therapists are all hot women that know how to please their men; in my experience, the vast majority of exotic therapists are women just like you and me.

What does it mean when a customer tells me that they went to a spa and had a great experience? It means that the customer was pampered and relaxed in a very comfortable and enjoyable environment. My spa clients tell me that they feel the same way when they come to my office. When a client says that they had a good experience, it doesn't necessarily mean that the masseuse did a great job. It could very well be that the couple talked before arriving at the spa, and that afterwards they felt great.

Another myth I hear a lot is that it's wrong to suggest that a woman should pay for an erotic massage. This is actually a common misunderstanding. In my experience, most spas actually encourage the practice by allowing clients to choose a romantic setting for their session. If the masseuse isn't experienced enough or knows enough about the intimate areas of a woman's body to know which spots are best for stimulating, the therapist may suggest an appropriate place for stimulating those spots. Even when the entire room is set up with romance, it's perfectly acceptable for the masseuse to suggest a few special touches that will really make her feel special.

As a result of this widespread misunderstanding, many women ask if they can "get paid for giving massages." The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, in my own practice I've begun to refer to erotic massages and sensual massages as "pleasure transfers." The pleasure principle means that the more a person enjoys the experience, the more they will likely want to return. This is the same idea that I think holds true for spas. The key is to create a soothing, relaxing environment, then connecting with the sensual, pleasurable sensations that make that environment so relaxing in the first place.

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