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Overview of Hash and Marijuana

Marijuana and Hash are used interchangeable but this is not an accurate. Both Marijuana and Hash derive from the cannabis plant but they have substantial differences. Both Hash and Marijuana for sale are available online. One can purchase a limited quantity of Marijuana online and order Hash online.

Marijuana is part of the cannabis plant which contains a large quantity of the cannabis chemical called THC. The THC compound has therapeutic benefits which has been in use since several years for the effective treatment of pain.

The medical Marijuana has been approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as one of the most effective treatments for two major conditions namely epilepsy and acute or chronic pain.

Hash is the purest THC obtained from the resin of marijuana. It is a highly delicate prices to extract has from a Marijuana plant. The Marijuana flowers has fine hairs known as trichomes. These contain the highest concentration of resins which are separated from the flower through a filtration process to collect pure THC. The crushes and filtered resin is moulded into a desired form like a block share and cut into various shapes and sold as Hash.


Risks and side effects of using Marijuana and Hash

The long-term usage of Marijuana causes these following side effects to its users:

    Breathing problems

    Dependence and Withdrawal symptoms


    An addiction which occurs in almost 9% of the people who use this in adulthood

    Impaired reaction time

    Loss of concentration

    Memory issues

    Rapid heart rare

    Interactions with other medications

The usage of Hash over a period of time can lead to the following side effects:

·       Nausea and vomiting

·       Significant loss of motor co-ordination

·       Respiratory changes

·       Increased weight gain and appetite

·       Depression

·       Sleepiness

·       Anxiety and panic attacks

·       Mental confusion

·       Inability to make sound decisions


How are Hash and Marijuana consumed?

Hash may be consumed with tobacco or Marijuana and one can inhale it by smoking. Hash can also be vaporised or ingested orally, Hash is also melted and incorporated in edible items like chocolates and yoghurt.

Marijuana can be consumed in more ways than Hash. Marijuana can be extracted from the cannabis and applied as oil to the body on the; locations of pain. Marijuana is also available in the form of balms and lotions. Marijuana is popularly consumed in the form or edibles like cookies, brownies, candies, and drugs.


The long-term effects of Marijuana and Hash

The long term- users of both Marijuana and Hash often face several long- term heath issues. They may have respiratory problem just like the cigarette smokers. The users may suffer from daily coughs and phlegm accompanies their cough. They also may face symptoms of bronchitis such as inability to breathe freely and shortness of breath. They are also at great risk of getting infections of the lungs like pneumonia. Marijuana sometimes contains cancer causing chemical’s too if inhaled in the form of smoke.

The effects of consuming Marijuana and Hash on social behaviour

Marijuana or Hash consumption on long-term basis can affect one’s memory, perception and judgment. The earning skills can also be affected of people who heavily make use of these substances.

Few longitudinal studies have provided that many young people below the age of 21 who use Marijuana or Hash have lower levels of achievements compared to the non-users of these substances/. The users of Marijuana or Hash seem to be more violent, aggressive and rebellious. They also tend to develop poorer relationships with colleagues, siblings and their parents too.

Effect of Marijuana and Hash on pregnancy

All drugs tend to adversely affect pregnant women. Marijuana and Hash usage during pregnancy even in small doses seem to have very adverse reactions and effects on the unborn child. Some studies have found that the mothers who consumed Marijuana during pregnancy birth to babies with defects.

A nursing mother also should avoid Marijuana and Hash as t is researched that the use of these substances by the nursing mother can impair the infant’s motor development.

Where to buy Hash and Marijuana?

You can buy Marijuana online. There are several Marijuana stores which offer customers the option to buy Marijuana online. Marijuana for sale is available in different forms and one can place their order according to their choice.

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