Make Your Carpets Last Longer With These Five Tips

by Abhinav G. Movie Enthusiast

Who doesn’t love carpeted floors? They are comfortable under your feet and add a good texture to your interior decoration. However, they are also a pain. With their fibers, they are a magnet to dirt, especially if you have kids around. What’s more? Gravity makes it worse when that spaghetti or juice stains the carpet. All of these might have you thinking that caring for a rug and making it last is a herculean task. But, that’s not true. Here are five tips that can make carpet maintenance a cakewalk.

Use the right type of vacuum 

The first step towards caring for your carpet is vacuuming your carpet properly. However, choosing the right vacuum type is perhaps the most important factor. Based on your carpet type, you need to change the setting of your vacuum cleaner. For instance, turning the brush off or change the head in case of a Berber carpet or reducing suction level for thicker rugs. Doing so ensures that your rugs last longer.

Don’t be lazy to vacuum regularly

We all have those days when basic house chores feel cumbersome. However, don’t let your lethargy come in the way of vacuuming your carpets regularly. If you vacuum frequently and thoroughly, you prolong your rug’s life. Make sure you do some extra vacuuming in the high-traffic areas; at least 5-7 passes each time as opposed to three times in less soiled places.

Don’t forget to call the professionals

You may have a powerful vacuum cleaner and follow the perfect technique to clean your carpets regularly. However, nothing can replace steam carpet cleaning Logan professionals give. While you can shampoo the rug yourself, DIY-ing steam cleaning is not a recommended route. Therefore, don’t forget to call a professional carpet cleaner every 12-18 times, depending on the usage.

Don’t let the stains sit for long

Does your carpet see a lot of spills? If you nodded vigorously, you need to get to that spill ASAP. Letting a spill, especially liquids, sit for too long will make them hard to get out. However, while spot cleaning, make sure to take necessary precautions not to dissolve or discolour the rug.

Always take precautions

Want to maintain your carpet? Take the necessary precautions! Use doormats, rugs for high-traffic areas, furniture coasters and pads under chairs with castors, and rearrange furniture to avoid permanent pressure marks. Do anything and everything to avoid spillage and matting.


Carpet maintenance is not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is take proper precautions and follow healthy cleaning practices. With the regular vacuuming with the right vacuum settings and techniques, you can easily make your carpet last for a long time.

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