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Most feeds pellet are formulated to be dry, with a final moisture content of 6–10% after drying, it can be storage more than 1 year. In the fish feed market ,dry feeds are main commercial fish food in intensive production systems. Dry fish feed pellet may consist of simple loose mixtures of dry ingredients, such as powder to more complex extruded pellets or granules. Pellets are often crushed into small powder and by extruding with fish feed pellet machine. The pellet can be made to sinking or floating depending on the feeding requirements of the fish.

 The fish feed machine is popular in Lima.

Most fish farmers buy the bulk of their fish food from commercial fish feed manufacturers. How to make fish food pellet for your own catfish?

Most fish farmers buy the bulk of their fish food from commercial fish feed manufacturers. The fish need almost same nutrients essential to most other animals. These include water, proteins (amino acids), lipids (fats, oils, fatty acids), carbohydrates (sugars, starch), vitamins and minerals. However, some specialized feeds are often needed for different type fish , feeding catfish,tilapia , aquarium fishes, larval or small juvenile fishes, brood fish conditioning. In particular, most fish farms with an assortment of fish require small amounts of various diets with particular ingredients.Like pigments (carotenoids), which are commonly added to the diet of salmonid and ornamental “aquarium” fishes to enhance their flesh and skin coloration. High quality formulated fish foodare used to achieve high yields and large sized fish (600-900 g) within a short period of time. The maximum size at harvest of tilapia reared in ponds that are only fertilized is generally less than 250 g after 5 months of on growing. It is not cost effective for commercial manufacturers to produce small quantities of specialized feeds. Most feed plant will only produce specific formulations in quantities, which are usually sold in 50-pound bags. Most fish farmers can make fish feed pellet quite easily in the farm, with common ingredients and simple operation. Welcome to see the animal feed pellet machines.
Why do we need fish feed formulation? If the fish farmer only feed a single type of food, it is neither complete nor balanced and does not supply all the nutrients a fish might need in its diet. Hence, there are two or more ingredients are mixed in commercial feed formulations, they are good for most of fish, but not made for specific fish species or growth stages. The complete pellet diet must be nutritionally balanced, water stable, palatable and have the proper size and texture. It can be formulated to supplement natural foods already available in the production system. If natural foods are not incorporated in ornamental fish diets, the feed must be supplemented with natural or synthetic pigments, or the user can use a complete formulation when there no other natural foods are provided for fish.

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