Maintenance of lubricating system of diesel generating sets

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

We should pay attention to some points when maintaining lubricating system of diesel generator set, as follow:

1.Select suitable diesel oil

In generally, every diesel engine manual has specific the type of lubricating oil use. If you can't buy the lubricating oil specified in the manual, you can choose the similar brand lubricating oil. Never mix different brand lubricating oil.

2.Often check the quality of diesel oil during the use

Check the mechanical impurities in the oil and check the oil scale in the heat engine time. If there are small particles on the scale or the marking on the oil scale cannot be seen clearly, it means that there are too many impurities in the oil, the oil shall be changed and the oil filter shall be cleaned.

Check oil viscosity. It is commonly used to twist the engine oil on the fingers. If there is viscosity feeling and stretching phenomenon, it indicates that the viscosity of the engine oil is appropriate, otherwise, it indicates that the viscosity of the engine oil is not enough. The accurate inspection method is to use viscometer to measure.

3.Suitable capacity of diesel oil.

Before opening diesel engine, we should check the oil level every time to ensure that the oil level is within the specified range. It is easy to cause tile burning and cylinder pulling if over low oil level, we should fill diesel oil in time to ensure oil level on the specific range. When oil level is over high, it is easy to cause cause the engine oil to run into the cylinder, the combustion chamber to deposit carbon, the piston ring to stick, and the exhaust gas to emit blue smoke. At this time, check whether there is water and fuel leakage in the engine oil, find out the cause, remove and change the engine oil.

4.Suitable oil pressure

Each type of diesel engine has its own specified oil pressure. When the engine is started to rated speed or medium speed, the oil pressure shall rise to the specified value within one minute, otherwise, the cause shall be found out. 4105, 4135 and other generator sets are equipped with pressure regulating screws, which rotate anticlockwise to reduce the oil pressure and clockwise to increase the oil pressure.

5.Clean lubricating system and change oil regularly

The oil filter shall be cleaned regularly; the oil basin and oil passage shall be cleaned when changing the oil.

Cleaning method:

When heating the engine, drain diesel oil, so as to remove the impurities in the engine oil basin, oil passage and oil filter as much as possible. Replay the mixed oil (15% ~ 20% kerosene, or mix according to the proportion of diesel oil: oil = 9:1) in the oil basin. Its quantity is 60%~70% of lubricating oil, run the diesel engine at low speed for 5 to 8 minutes (the oil pressure is above 0.5kgf/cm2), stop the engine, drain the mixed oil, clean the oil filter, filter screen, oil radiator and crankcase, and add new oil.

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