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The Subject Line leaves a first and last impression on a subscriber’s mind. In this article, we will be disclosing 51 Subject Lines ideas because we understand that finding the best subject line is difficult. MailPod provides an integrated marketing platform to boost your Email Marketing.

People say the subject line is not that important, but the first impression is the last, so the Subject Line is pretty important. The most important thing that each subject line should possess is urgency. 

The Urgency to take action

Induce subscribers to open your emails is not an easy task, and that should be perfectly executed with the tip-top Subject Line. 

Here are some Subject Line Ideas:

Example: Curiosity Stream

Subject Line: Watch the history of the home.

Example: WMG Bride

Subject Line: Bling it on, Book Now.

Example: PrepLadder

Subject Line: RR 2.0 | LIMITED CONTENT

Example: Flipkart

Subject Line: Sale is Live! BIG SAVING DAYS

Example: Adobe

Subject Line: It’s a great time to learn to draw

Example: Paytm

Subject Line: NEW month, NEW Offers – Grab them Now

Example: The Hindu ePaper

Subject Line: Click to extend your Free Trial

Example: Adobe

Subject Line: Last chance for 40% off

Example: Grammarly

Subject Line: LAST CALL: $75 for a year of Premium! Upgrade to get customized support even on mobile

Example: Naukri

Subject Line: Check Out Top Companies Hiring Now!

Before diving into Subject Line Ideas, let’s first understand what should be the length of a perfect Subject line.

MailPod receives many queries from email marketers about what is the best length for a subject line. We know this question emerges in every email marketer’s mind because it determines whether your online campaign strategy is going to be fruitful or not. So, we decided to resolve this for you.

Find Out a Subject Line that Stand-Out 

It is good to experiment with subject lines because 47% of the open rate depends on it. Sometimes a short subject line is appreciable, but sometimes a lengthy subject is preferable. We will throw light on each kind of subject line. We analyzed 3000 subject lines, and 70% of them were between 20 to 60 characters and our integrated marketing platform is full-proof so do not worry about credibility.

Use the characters wisely

A Short Subject Line

To entice the mysteriousness in the mind of a subscriber, send an email with a really short Subject Line. For Example

  • Latest News
  • Think Different
  • Cute things

These Subject Lines will compel the subscriber to what is the latest news or what cute thing you are talking about. Also, 45% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Major ISPs display only 35 to 45 characters on mobile devices. However, the actual number differs from customer to customer device. If you want to optimize your email’s subject line on mobile devices, then use less than 30 characters, as it leaves no scope of word cutting. You can even experiment with a really short subject line of 10 to 12 characters.

Short subject lines are mobile-friendly.

Short Subject Lines triggers more mystery.

A Long Subject Line

Among the 3000 emails, 18% of emails were of really long subject lines. A 60 character long Subject Line provides information about the email’s body content. To stand out in the Inbox, a subject line should be really long or really short. A 50 character long subject line tells the subscriber about what they will be getting if they open the email. The successful email marketers use 1 to 3 word subject lines, but to mix things up in the online campaign strategy, they sometimes use really long Subject Line. So, do not stick to only one technique but use a blend of both. For example,

Short Subject Line: Email Marketing

Characters: 18

Long Subject Line: Click now to learn effective email marketing tips. 

Characters: 50

Experiment with Subject Lines

A true Email Marketer never adopts one stringent method. He/She always prefers to use their best method with the required changes. The same is the case with Subject Lines. If you want to win in the Subject Lines Game, then make sure to experiment with it at our integrated marketing platform.

Experiment to know what works best for you

Do hit and Trial and adopt the beneficial combination for you.

Improve your Email Open-Rate with different Types of Subject Line

Strong Call-To-Action

Until and unless you direct or motivate someone to do something, they won’t do it. So, it’s better to use prominent Call-to-actions in your subject lines to increase open-rate. Use the words like spend, celebrate, grab, and now in the Subject Line to induce actions. 

  • Celebrate with offers.
  • Act now to save money.
  • Must to try hacks.
  • Click now to get the best deals
  • Grab these products before they are out. 
  • Believe it or not, you need this…

Be personal

Personalization is the best way to grab attention, but it should be in the limits. Your personalization method should respect the boundaries of your subscribers. Here are some ways you can be personalized without sounding creepy.

  • Grab the offers specially for you.
  • Sarika, get started with new methods.
  • You deserve our importance.
  • The ease you don’t know (yet).
  • Prime membership only for you.


Sometimes being redundant helps you because every time you leave an impression on the subscriber’s mind. That’s why try to include the company’s name in your subject line. 

Don’t brag but let them know

Obviously, you need to brag about your qualities, only then subscribers will know your good things. But present them in a way that you don’t. It’s not simple, but we can help you with these kinds of Subject Lines. 

  • Your new favorite appliance is out.
  • Our special treat, only for you…
  • Here is an amazing, special, and unique dress for you.
  • Our new collection is available now.
  • The perfect helping hand.
  • A great luxury with a bit increased price.
  • Best blog with the latest details.

To create personalized Subject Lines, contact MailPod. We are ready to help you with any email related query. Feel free to contact us 24*7 for an integrated marketing platform. We will launch many related articles on How you can effectively do email marketing, till then keep tuned and subscribe to Mailpod for the best email marketing tool, guidance, and management.

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