Magic Mushrooms - Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help

by Jill Ross Marketer

Even when marijuana has been legalized in most parts of the world, people still prefer mushrooms to ingest a hallucinogenic substance called psilocybin. Such mushrooms that contain a significant amount of psilocybin are called "magic mushrooms." These mushrooms are generally brown and small in size. It's a possibility that people might mix magic mushrooms with another type of poisonous mushroom and face the consequences that follow.

With the presence of a hallucinogenic substance, magic mushrooms should not be something one picks out randomly. Everybody should be well aware of the facts related to magic mushrooms to avoid unfortunate incidents. Therefore, this article lists out the most common myths about magic mushrooms, their effects, risk factors, and a guide to help oneself if they experience any side effects.

Common Myths About Magic Mushrooms

Myth: Magic Mushroom is yan ultimate party drug

Truth: Scientists have denied the above-mentioned label for magic mushrooms or any other drug that contains psilocybin. In fact, it's believed that patients who consume psilocybin experience trips of anxiety, fear, and panic, which led to positive personality changes in the end.

Myth: Magic Mushrooms affect the brain like other illegal drugs

Truth: If you think Magic Mushrooms will put holes in your brain, it's a misconception. Magic Mushrooms, unlike cocaine or alcohol, alters the information fed into the brain's prefrontal cortex. So, let alone harming the brain, Magic Mushrooms can, in fact, help people.

Myth: You'll experience a trip of few hours if you take magic mushrooms

Truth: Experiencing a trip depends on the type of drug and the quantity you consume. So, if you're consuming Magic Mushrooms in microdose, there's no way you'll hallucinate or be out for a few hours. People in some parts of the world have also seen improvement in their productivity by taking mini doses of magic mushrooms.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Effects of Magic Mushrooms will differ on the area they've grown, their freshness, and their season. Mostly, people seem to feel as if their lives have been distorted when they take the mushrooms. Some people might even experience 'visuals' or 'hallucinations' depending on the quantity they've consumed.

How you may feel:




       In awe of everything and everyone around you






Besides the quantity and type of the mushroom you consume, your reaction to the drug will also depend on your surroundings, your company, and how comfortable you are with that company. It's even possible that you end up feeling even more depressed if you take the magic mushrooms when you're upset. Generally, a mini dose won't even make you notice any effect whatsoever. Still, comparatively larger doses can make you act unpredictably, make you laugh a lot, make you act stubborn, and even can make you emotional every now and then.

Some physical effects that you may notice would include drowsiness, increased heart rate, muscle weakness, excessive yawning, nausea, discoordination, headache, and dilated pupils.

Potential Risks of Taking Magic Mushrooms

One must also consider the risks that follow Magic Mushrooms, and some of the most important ones are as follows:

       Since Magic Mushrooms have psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance, one may experience euphoria and constant changes in one perception of time and space.

       There's a high probability that one may end up consuming a poisonous or fake Mushroom since Magic Mushrooms are still illegal at some places and hard to identify.

       One may get a bad trip or feel sick.

       If suffering from bipolar disorder, magic mushrooms can worsen the situation and give anxiety attacks.

       You may not realize the effect and might end up overdosing on Magic Mushrooms and then have nausea, agitation, panic attacks, or vomiting.

       Your brain can undergo irreversible changes (both positive and negative).

       If consumed frequently, you can get addicted to Magic Mushrooms.

       You might find yourself comparatively less sensitive to other drugs if you take magic mushrooms regularly.

How to Get Help

One may need psilocybin mushroom treatment if they've been consuming it quite often and have been experiencing the side effects. The worst scenario can even include a person finding it difficult to live in the real world. One obvious solution would be to stop taking mushrooms as soon as you identify the addiction. These mushrooms are not as addictive as other drugs, and hence it's easy for people to overcome the dependency. Moreover, if it's not you but your loved one taking the mushrooms, it's important that you sit them down and explain the effects of the drug to them. There's no better way than love to help somebody overcome the addiction to a drug, especially the drug-like magic mushrooms with not much addicting strength.

The Bottom Line

There's always a positive and negative side to every drug, and the negative side is absolutely avoidable if you consume the drug within the limit. All the above-mentioned risks and effects happen to those who get addicted to the Magic Mushrooms. Try and take precautions before you opt for buying the mushrooms.

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