Machine Translation: Removing the language barriers or biding adieu to the culture?

by The Yellow Coin PR Agency in Delhi

Artificial Intelligence (AI)—another man-made invention to imitate the human intelligence! The machines are programmed with AI algorithms to think like human, talk like human, and behave like human. Such machines are capable of performing almost every human possible task. Claims have been made that these AI machines can do that work also which is not possible for an average man.

From military defense to healthcare and management, AI is proven effective technology which can be used in further development of the world. When AI is revolutionizing every sphere, how can language and literature remain untouched with it? The launch of Google Pixel Buds is the commencement of AI into the translation industry and soon it will turn the table upside down. Google Pixel Buds is a device developed by Google that enables the real-time translation of the foreign languages. Earlier, it was Google Translate with widespread use to translate the languages. Amazon Translate also serves the same purpose of translating the language with native-speaker like language proficiency.

With the help of any of these, it has become easier to communicate with the global audience, readers, and customers. One can translate any documents, books, websites, etc, into any language independently and quickly. For instance, if you are relocating to France from Delhi, you might not need French translator in Delhi to translate documents into French. You can do it easily with neural machine translation. Be it a live conference where the foreign speakers discuss critical issues in their mother-tongue, or the website content targeted for a foreign audience, machine translation is removing the language barriers in a more convenient way ever possible.

While all these technologies are beneficial and cost-effective than language translation services in Delhi, how sure we can be about the accuracy of the language translated? The entire process of translating a document into another language requires a lot of labor as the meaning and true essence of the source language must be kept intact along with the grammar accuracy. Using the Natural Language Processing (NPL) algorithm, the tools and software might be 97% or even 100 % accurate for word-to-word translation, but they might be 47% precise in translating the cultural essence of the language.

According to expert translators in Delhi, translation isn’t simply about translating the language; it is more about how the translated work emotionally connects with the other speech community in accordance with their own culture. For example, A Russian translator in Delhi can better translate poetry or a novel using the cultural jargons, idioms, and dialects of Russian language than the neural machine translation which only is a the basic one. The choice between human translators in Delhi or the AI chatbots or the translation software majorly depends on the purpose. However, the entry of AI in translation industry surely has affected the language translation agencies in Delhi as people prefer to translate the general documents by themselves using these simple to use devices.

Of course, people and nations are getting closer with such software by removing the language barriers. But, we should make a choice when to rely on what mode of translation.

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