Luxury Kitchen Appliances that you can’t let pass

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With kitchen appliances largely determining how functional and appealing your kitchen is, it all boils down to informed choices. Here’re your best options for a kitchen that reflects your taste.    

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A lot of time and effort must have gone into designing your dream kitchen. Now, it’s time to put the final piece of the jigsaw into place – accessorize it with luxury kitchen appliances

However, the choice of appliances compels deliberation. Why? Well, a high-end kitchen is more than just a source of food, family, and togetherness. It’s also an experience every connoisseur craves for. As it turns out to be, high-end kitchen appliances are integral to this experience. Urbane and practical, they make your life easier while adding sophistication to the entire setup.  

When thoughts turn to high-end kitchen appliances, too many technologies and brands may swirl through your mind. Just cast them aside and read on. Here’re a few appliance options that you should know about. Note that, information is the cornerstone for informed decisions.  

Steam ovens are picking up steam:


As health awareness increases, we see trends favoring steam ovens. The texture, flavor, moisture, and nutrients stay intact when cooking with steam, making steam ovens a healthy and delicious alternative for everyday cooking. Besides, cooking with steam is hygienic, offering squeaky clean results across all preparations. Steam ovens prevent flavor transfers, promotes better reheat quality, and cut down the cooking time significantly, especially when preparing in volume. Also, these kitchen appliances of London are compatible with glass, metal, and cutlery.


Think of a steam oven as an oven with an inbuilt pressure cooker that utilizes the power of steam to cook. There’s an inbuilt water reservoir to supply steam for cooking, which can either be filled manually or automatically, depending on the model. The heat of the oven transforms water into steam, and cooking happens. A valve is also there to get rid of the steam pressure. While steam ovens are positioned as the future of cooking, they have their share of flaws.  

Size is an issue, as steam ovens tend to be bulky and space consuming. While cleaning isn’t so problematic, getting rid of the condensation after each use is. Frequent descaling is also a drawback you’ll be dealing with. Plus, steam cooking isn’t suitable for browning and crisping. However, many of the issues can be sorted out with a convection steam oven, one of the luxury kitchen appliances that combine steam and dry heat to cater to all cooking requirements.

Induction cooktops are the rage:


Electric heating and gas have been the staple across kitchens, the world over. With technology coming of age, they are giving way to a more sophisticated option, induction cooktops. These cooktops proffer efficiency and ease of electric cooking and uniform heating of gas cooking. Plus, they are more comfortable to use, clean, and maintain, as opposed to the two conventional options.   

As the name gives it away, induction cooktops capitalize on induction technology to transform your cooking experience. Herein, magnetic currents are used to heat the pots and pans directly. You can exercise precise control over the temperature to achieve quicker meal preparations and tasty and consistent results. The cooking zone cools down quickly, ensuring safety. Induction cooktops incorporating burners with coal are also available for charcoal flavored dishes. 

On the downside, the induction cooktops require unique, induction-friendly cookware that can be noisy at times and do not work during a power outage. Also, they fall under the luxury kitchen appliances category, meaning you’ll be paying over the odds to own one. Nonetheless, with the pros outweighing the cons, the induction cooktop advantage is hard to pass up. 

Make way for side-by-side refrigerators

The top and bottom mount refrigerators have ruled the roost until recently, but with discerning customers demanding more, the side-by-side options are the new interest zone in refrigeration. It comes with refrigerator and freezer sections placed side by side, and hence, the name. That’s contrary to the traditional fridges featuring a freezing unit on top of the refrigeration unit. The side-by-side refrigerators proffer a host of advantages, convenience for one. 

The commonly required items can be placed at the top for convenient and quick access while the lesser-used ones arranged below. Thus, the pain of bending down to fetch a frequently used item is eliminated. You skip opening the fridge for ice or water, as they are dispensed through a dispenser in the door. With significant shelf space and ideal positioning, the freezer is more comfortable to access and fetch items that might otherwise go unnoticed for long and suffer freezer burns. The side-by-side fridges require less area to swing open - a boon for space-cramped kitchens. 

While the side-by-side refrigerators should be there in your kitchen appliances in the London bucket list, getting to know the disadvantages is always helpful for informed decisions. These fridges require more space, which might be counterintuitive to minimalistic designs. Also, the ice and water dispenser involves upkeep to stay functional. In some cases, plumbing needs to be replaced. Given the side-by-side configuration, the fridge might fail to accommodate large pans.

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