Lung cancer: What’s life like in remission?

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A single diagnosis of cancer can wreak havoc in somebody's life. Lung cancer is a very prevalent type of cancer, wherein the tumour originates at the lungs and spreads to other parts of the body. It is dangerous what a primary stage of lung cancer can turn into. However, with proper medical intervention, the spread of lung cancer can be controlled, and patients can hope towards living a life in remission.

What is remission of cancer?

Remission primarily refers to a decrease in the symptoms of cancer in the body. With effective lung cancer treatment, oncologists can remove any trace of cancer cells from the body and prevent recurrence with the help of integrative treatment and therapies.

It is usually of two types:

  1. Partial- Partial Remission points to a decreased tumor size, and reduced spread of cancer. Regular sessions of Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Targeted therapy might be needed to keep it that way.

  2. Complete- The other name for Complete Remission is NED, i.e., "No Evidence of Disease." But care must be taken to avoid even the slightest chances of recurrence.

Lots of people lead a healthy and painless life in lung cancer remission. As long cancer patients are under the care of an expert Cancer Specialist in Delhi, they are in safe hands.

How long does Lung cancer stay in remission?

The journey of fighting lung cancer is tough. Despite this, there are a huge number of cases where cancer never came back. Lung cancer remission can be effective for a lifetime, or unfortunately, it may come back a few years later.

The simplest way to fight your lung cancer battle is by getting regular check-ups done by your cancer specialist. Even after you're through with your lung cancer treatment, you must lead a careful, healthy, and balanced life. That means- no smoking and no junk food and making sure to follow all the treatment guidelines prescribed by a cancer specialist in Delhi.

Get a schedule made for regular check-ups, treatments, and examinations by the best Lung cancer doctor in Delhi NCR, and most importantly, do not lose hope.

What is non-small cell lung cancer remission?

There are primarily two major types of Lung Cancer:

  1. Small Cell Lung Cancer- It spreads very quickly, and diagnosis usually occurs at later stages. It consists of 10-15% of all lung cancer cases.

  2. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer or NSCLC- It is usually caused by active or passive smoking, radon or asbestos exposure, etc. Tobacco smoking has been the leading cause of 90% of NSCLC patients.

Lung cancer treatment should be followed by regular tests. Life in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer remission will need regular check-ups every three months for two whole years. It is imperative for cancer patients to make sure that they lead a healthy lifestyle in remission to avoid chances of NSCLC recurrence.

The best oncologist from Delhi NCR, Dr. Manish Singhal, specializes in palliative care for those who are in unbearable pain.

What is the Stage-Four lung cancer remission rate?

Around 40% of people suffering from Lung cancer are diagnosed at this stage. Lung cancer patients usually undergo an aggressive form of lung cancer treatment at this stage. Even after being treated by the best cancer doctor in Delhi, sadly, the five-year survival rate for Stage-four lung cancer is at 4.7%. While these look like slim chances, it's not an impossible chance to take. With proper guidance and focused treatments, lung cancer remission is possible to achieve.

Dr. Manish Singhal- How can he help?

There's a reason why Dr. Manish Singhal is revered and respected as the best oncologist in Delhi NCR. An ECMO gold-medallist, he acquired his expertise from AIIMS and developed advanced methods to treat cancer.

A member of many international societies of Oncology, Dr. Manish Singhal, is never short of passion or commitment towards the goal of treatment. If there's a way to provide you or your family member with a new lease on life, the best cancer doctor in Delhi shall find it!

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