Low cost root canal treatment in hyderabad

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A Root Canal Treatment is no longer the worst dental nightmare that it is made out to be.

Newer methods of improved pain control have transformed it into a painless procedure. In fact, getting a Root Canal will actually stop your tooth ache and save your tooth!

The main purpose of performing a root canal procedure is to remove the dead, diseased, infected or damaged pulp tissue or nerves that are present in the roots.

A General Dentist and an Endodontist are best qualified to identify the teeth requiring a root canal and perform RCT Hyderabad Therapy.

The pulp and nerves inside the roots become infected when bacteria from tooth decay reach the soft pulp; leading to the destruction of the nerves and causing a dead tooth. Injury to the tooth also causes damage to the nerves within the tooth and the tooth becomes lifeless.

The dead tissue gets infected and leads to pain and swelling in the gums around the affected tooth. Earlier, such teeth were extracted since that was the only way to get rid of the infection.

But with a Root Canal Therapy, modern pain control methods and the latest technology, only the diseased nerves are removed; the tooth is not only saved, but remains free from pain and infection.

The nerves transmit information to the brain about the tooth and the pulp supplies the blood vessels that carry nutrients to these nerves. The tooth does not require its nerve and blood supply to function in the mouth; so a root canal filled tooth is essentially a lifeless tooth which is free from infection.

The Root Canal Procedure

A root canal is needed when there is toothache, pain during chewing food, sensitivity to hot and cold liquids, tooth ache that keeps you awake at night and swelling in the gums.

The chances of saving an infected tooth with root canal therapy improve if these symptoms are recognized early; and extraction can be avoided.

Root canal treatment can be completed in a single visit, in fact within an hour; but in cases where the infection is severe, two to three visits are required. The root canal filling can be completed only after the infection subsides.

Local anaesthesia is usually administered to numb the area to avoid any pain or discomfort during this procedure, but in case of higher levels of anxiety, sedation should be considered.

A rubber dam is placed over the tooth to avoid contamination from saliva during the procedure.

Any decay if present, is removed and a hole is drilled to reach the infected pulp and nerves; which are then removed. This cavity provides a direct path or access to the passages inside the roots in order to clean and shape the canals. Dental Loupes and Endodontic Microscopes may be used to aid in locating the openings of the canals.

The canals are shaped with slender instruments that can reach the tips of the roots.

During the process, diagnostic x-rays are taken and a device called ‘apex locator’ may be used to determine the length of the roots.

There are many methods of cleaning and shaping the canals and the success of the root canal procedure depends on the thorough disinfection of the canals.

Lasers may be used during the procedure to aid the disinfection procedure and improve the healing process.

After each preparation, the canals are irrigated to flush away the debris and bacteria and then dried.

The clean and dry canals are filled with an inert material, all the way up to the tips of the roots, with the help of the x-rays taken earlier. The purpose of the cost of root canal treatment in hyderabad is to completely fill up the empty canals to prevent further infection or bacterial growth.

Once the canals are filled, the cavity in the crown portion of the tooth is also filled, or restored with a post and core; and the tooth is further strengthened by a crown.

Precautions after a root canal therapy

  • Some tenderness or sensitivity may be present for a few days during the healing after a Root Canal Cost in Hyderabad filling. Chewing on the root canal treated tooth should be avoided until the tenderness subsides. This may take three to seven days.
  • Chewing should begin on the Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad treated tooth only after it has been strengthened and restored by a crown.


The necessity of a RCT Cost in Hyderabad procedure can be easily avoided by preventing cavities, early detection of cavities, sealants and fillings. In case the tooth is already affected, then a root canal treatment must be carried out without any delay.

·         Brushing twice daily especially before sleeping or after meals preferably with a fluoride toothpaste helps prevent cavities.

·         Flossing prevents cavities on the sides of the t

·         Teeth and in between teeth.

·         To ensure early detection and early treatment of tooth decay, visit the dentist at least twice a year for a thorough examination for cavities. Your dentist may use x-rays and other methods to detect cavities hidden from plain view.

·         Sealants are a great way to prevent food from getting stuck in the crevices in the teeth so that cavities do not develop.

·         Use of Fluorides in various forms: applied on the surfaces of teeth by the dentist, mouth rinses, toothpastes, in diet or as supplements; strengthen the enamel and make it resistant to acids.

·         A well balanced diet, eating at regular intervals, avoiding snacks in between meals, avoiding sticky sugary foods and beverages help prevent prolonged exposure of teeth to acids and thus prevent cavities.

·         Fillings should be done as soon as any cavities are detected. Broken fillings should replace immediately to prevent spreading

·         Low cost root canal treatment in Hyderabad ead of decay.

·         Pulp Therapy can be attempted to avoid root canal treatment only in cases where there is no infection of the nerves or in case there is minimum and recent exposure of the pulp tissue.

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your affected natural tooth in your mouth is with a Root Canal Treatment. Missing teeth lead to further complications; the infected tooth can be saved with root

Painless root canal treatment in Hyderabad therapy avoiding tooth removal. So the next time you hear Root Canal, replace your anxiety with relief! Seek the help of your dentist as soon as there are any symptoms and rid yourself of pain and fear!

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