Long Lasting Drug For Male Premature Ejaculation

by Resi Raphael Klinik

klinik raphael di cikarang selatan provides several tips on long-lasting male premature ejaculation drugs, but the use of drugs is not recommended in having sex with your partner.
Basically there are several ways or tips in making love with a partner who can make a man last long without using drug assistance in the form of capsules, pills and other media as in the current discussion. The following are below tips or ways to avoid premature ejaculation by utilizing natural ingredients or improving lifestyle, including:

1.     Pay attention to weight or lower it to ideal weight, excessive weight or can be called obesity can affect your sexual activity (men).

2.     Consume foods that contain amino acids and zinc, consumption of foods containing zinc can affect sexual ability, the solution is to consume oysters, meat and cereal.

3.     Practicing kegel gymnastics, the gymnastics aims to strengthen the muscles of the genital area and increase sexual stamina, besides Kegel exercises can also delay the process of premature ejaculation.

4.     Exercise regularly, the type of exercise you can do in long-lasting help is running, walking (fast), aerobics, swimming and others.

5.     Make sure you have done adult laser circumcision or circumcision, the role of circumcision is also very important in helping the long-lasting process of intercourse, because of the skin of the foreskin is very sensitive to movement.

6.     Train in masturbating, the purpose of masturbation is to train vulnerable time to the process of premature ejaculation, the more you practice it (men) know the limits of the duration of the ability to have sex.

7.     And others

If you (men) have tried the above methods but there are no results, you can use raphael clinic medical assistance for free online consultation (whatsapp chat) by clicking on the description above. Every interaction (question and answer) for long-lasting drugs with premature ejaculation with our medical personnel is private or confidential that we guard well from the reach of the irresponsible outside community

Position of the Making Style for Long Lasting
After knowing the explanation of the long-lasting drug of premature ejaculation without using the first solution in the use of male premature ejaculation drugs, here's the second solution that you need to try in overcoming premature ejaculation in several ways below, including:

1.     Gift wrap, the position in question is that the woman is under and above the man with the position of the woman hugging the body very tightly so that it becomes very tight (no gap).

2.     Woman on top, woman on top is the position of the woman above the man, this position will know the stamina of the woman herself.

3.     Doggy style, this position can provide deeper penetration of women, so this position is much favored by women.

4.     Flatiron, this flatiron style uses extra pillows that are propped up on a woman's hip in order to provide a more menungging position.

5.     Pole position

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Treatment and Free Online Consultation
Raphael Clinic in Cikarang is a medical service in the area of
​​genital skin, andrology, gynecology, surgery and is included in this discussion, namely premature ejaculation. Free online consultation (whatsapp chat) about your complaint to our medical staff by clicking on the image below. Every interaction from you (the patient) to Raphael clinic medical personnel regarding long-term premature ejaculation drugs, around genital, gynecological, surgical and gynecological skin diseases through free online consultation.

For our address, we are on Jalan MH.Thamrin No.17, Cibatu, Cikarang Selatan, West Java 17520. The operational hours of the Raphael clinic are from 09.00-19.00 WIB on Sundays, while on Saturday we take a holiday.This position almost resembles that of woman on top, the difference is the position of the woman sitting or sitting on the foot of a man who can provide stimulation of the husband's thigh clitoris.

To find out more about some of the positions of style in making love, long-lasting drug premature ejaculation can be a free online consultation (chat whatsapp) with our medical personnel, namely clicking on the picture above. We will protect the free online consultation service securely and securely with the raphael clinic in southern Cikarang, besides this consultation is private or confidential.

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