Lip Augmentation Surgery For Fuller Lips

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Lip augmentation helps people acquire fuller lips. People with thin lips are eligible for lip augmentation surgery to improve the appearance and attractiveness of their faces. The dermatologist uses silicone implants or dermal fillers to plump up the lips. This procedure is simple and requires less time to recover.

Clinic Dermatech offers the best and most affordable lip augmentation surgery costs in India.


Who are the candidates for Lip augmentation surgery?

People with naturally thin lips or an age-related drop in the volume of their lips are considered excellent candidates for lip augmentation surgery. Those who wish to enhance the appearance of their lips or plump them to improve self-confidence can also opt for surgery.


One needs to be in good health to opt for lip enhancement surgery. However, those with problems such as cold infection, diabetes, wounded lips, or other diseases won’t be eligible for lip augmentation surgery.


What are the types of lip augmentation in India?


Your skin specialist is the ideal person who decides the most suited treatment type for an individual. Injectables are considered less risky. The entire procedure of injectables can take a few minutes.


Surgical method

This method of lip augmentation requires general anesthesia followed by making small incisions to the outline of the lips. Once the incisions are made, the implant is performed. The surgery does not require hospitalisation and is almost painless.


Fat transplant

It is the most low-risk lip augmentation procedure requiring fat elimination from one part of the body injected into the lips. The lips look more natural and elastic with fat transfer lip augmentation surgery. It is an outpatient procedure that requires a few minutes and a recovery period of a few hours.


What are the complications of lip augmentation surgery in India?

The complications of lip augmentation surgery are temporary and will only last a few days. Some of them are mild bleeding in the injected locations, swelling, bruising, repeated cold sores or fever blisters on the lips, redness, tenderness, lip unevenness, lumps, scarring, or ulceration. The side effects are subjective and reversible with medical intervention. 


What is the cost of lip augmentation in India?

The cost of lip augmentation in India can vary based on various factors. The general cost of lip augmentation surgery in India usually starts from Rs.50,000.


What are the factors affecting the cost of lip augmentation surgery in India?

Some common factors that affect the cost of lip augmentation surgery are the process opted, expertise and reputation of the clinic, your residential area, and the type and quantity of fillers used.


What are the quick recovery tips for lip augmentation treatment?

Consider using ice packs in the treatment area for a speedy recovery for some hours. Avoid weight training and heavy exercises such as running. Your doctor will also suggest antibiotics to prevent lip infection, especially if you opt for lip implant surgery.


What are the alternatives to lip filler injections or lip augmentation surgery?

Various non-surgical alternatives are available in place of lip injections and augmentation, such as lip plumper and suction pumps. Lip plumpers work by irritating your skin and making it swell temporarily to enhance the appearance of your lips. Suction pumps use a vacuum to increase blood pressure in your lips and thus increase their size. Both these methods are non-surgical and temporary, which may only last for a few minutes or hours.


Opting for lip augmentation surgery in India

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your lips, opting for the best lip augmentation surgery would be a great idea. The surgery is widely available across the country. However, you need to choose the best clinic, such as Clinic Dermatech, that offers the best services at competitive prices.


Opting for lip augmentation surgery is something that most women are doing. If you want your lips to pouting more, choose the best lip surgery in India. You should also contact the best clinic to book your consultation and know the consequences of this treatment. Lip augmentation surgery is highly safe and effective and gives you enhanced looks instantly to meet your expectations. However, it is essential to note that each individual is different, and their results will also differ.


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