Lingerie Buying Guide For Men | Clovia Offers 2 Bras + 2 Panties @ Rs. 999

by Sahana H. Content Marketer At Xerve
Lingerie is an indispensable part of a woman's life. They are the core of our confidence, the second skin which builds up our mood for the day. If you are thinking of getting her lingerie as a surprise present for any special occasion, I am not going to comfort you by saying that she will love whatever you get her and it’s the thought that matters. Lingerie is one of those presents which if you decide to buy, you have to have the determination and the willpower to do it properly. Lingerie gifting is one of those all-or-nothing situations. Now that I have emphasized the important parameters for buying lingerie, let us get on with the tips.

1. Know Her Size:

The most important thing you have to find out is her size. You cannot take a wild guess in the dark with lingerie. Ill-fitting lingerie can be the bane of our existence and trust me, you do not want to be on your girl’s bad side. We all know who is going to end up on the couch then and you definitely do not want that on your special day. You need to snoop around in her underwear collection to get a hint of what size she wears. If you are planning to give her a bra-panty set, then you will need the measurements of her delicates. However, if you are absolutely certain you will screw that up, you can go for gifting her a sexy chemise or babydolls. That will only require you to find out the size of one of her dresses. If you are still confused, then don’t hesitate to ask questions but please do it with subtlety if you do not want her to know what you are up to.
2. Note Her Style:

While you are shuffling through her lingerie drawer, be sure to make a note of the styles that she wears. If you see one particular type of lingerie in different colors, it will be all the more easier for you. One piece of lingerie in different colours means she loves wearing that particular type which is the reason she has brought them in so many colours. If you notice a particular brand, you can be pretty sure that brand is her go-to brand. Every time she dresses up or changes for bed, see the pieces she chooses. A few days of observation and snooping around and you will know everything that she loves wearing.
3. Think About Her, Not Yourself:

You have been going out with the girl and now, you want to pamper her with some lingerie. You know her size and style and finally get to actually looking over various stores and collections. When you are shopping, it is important to think as she does. You might spot an exceptionally seductive piece of clothing and you mentally imagine your girl wearing it. You can already feel the goosebumps along your skin and the tingles all over your body. At that moment, you need to shut off your imagination and put yourself in your girl’s shoes. Would she be comfortable in this? Would she able to wear this anywhere? Would she see herself as the sensuous woman she is when she wears it? Or will her insecurities spring to life with this particular piece?
If you are absolutely sure that your girl will love it, only then should you buy it. I can guarantee you that your thoughtful nature will be rewarded, one way or another.
4. A Basic Idea about the Styles:

There are a lot of different types of bras and panties when you go lingerie shopping. As a man, it may be overwhelming for you but let me break a few popular styles down for you so that you know what it is exactly that your girl loves.
Push-Up Bra – Two words come to mind regarding the push-up bra and that is “extra cleavage”. Push up bras do exactly what they are named after – they give the cleavage an extra push and support to give the illusion of voluminous breasts.
Bralette – Bralette is all about the lace and support come together to give a beautiful shape to the twins.
Strapless – The strapless bra is one of the creations that confuse men. They see the full shape of the breasts but can’t see the straps that hold them together.
Full-figure and T-shirt Bras – These bras are the ones that are usually used for wearing regularly. They perfectly cover your girl’s cleavage and make their shape look innocent yet alluring.
Hipster panties –Called by another name i.e. the hip huggers, these panties have waistbands that sit on the hips snug and warm. They also have low cut- leg holes that make them perfect to cover a woman’s lower parts just right.
Thongs – This piece covers only the bikini line, leaving most of the back uncovered.
Garters – If your girl is an especially daring girl, she will love this gift. Garters are those bands that hold up the stockings.
5. Don’t Be Stingy:

When you set out lingerie shopping for your girl, please remember that if you want to buy good lingerie, it will not be too light on your pockets. Good lingerie is affordable and even better are a bit high-priced. Our comfort does not come at a very cheap price so do keep that in mind. Try to do a good bit of research on her favourite brand or if she doesn’t have one, you can go for the trusted brands after a bit of searching on the Internet. Another useful piece of advice would be if you are buying her a bra, it is always better to get her a full set. Matching bra and panty sets give us a different kind of pleasure when we wear it. Try to look for the sets before venturing into individual options.
6. If You Can’t Decide Anything, Go for The Safeguard:

Even after so much advice and babbling on about our lingerie, if you didn’t make up your mind, it is always better to go classy. Black lace always looks flattering on every body type and gives off a sophisticated vibe. Black lace sheer babydolls or nightwear will make every woman feel elegant and confident. Or if you want to go down that road, a black lace or nude push-up bra with matching panties would be a perfect gift to wrap up for that special girl in your life.
7. Lingerie Never Fails:

Lingerie is one universally loved gift. It does not matter if you have been going out for a few months or it is your tenth marriage anniversary next week. Gifting lingerie is a way of pampering your girl. However, that is only when you have followed the steps given above and managed to pull off a gift that she actually likes. If she does not like it, it is a waste of your money. However, if you feel like you really want your girl to smile and in the end, get to share her good mood, lingerie will always hit the bull’s eye.
Clovia is one of the leading stores to buy lingerie online in India. Browse a huge, playful collection for your girl and get it all without even making a small dent in your pocket. Go ahead to Clovia now to avail amazing deals and Clovia Bra offers.

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