Limo Service to JFK Airport – Understanding Common Myths about Limousine


Hiring a luxury car service to JFK Airport can be practical option for many who live busy and highly-demanding lifestyle. Navigating roads along JFK International Airport is not getting any easier. Therefore, relying on a limo service to JFK Airport makes sense. Before that, take a look at the post and know the common myths about limousines.

It’s always a rare occasion when people travel in their cars or walk down the street and see a limousine cruising down the road. There’s an immediate speculation about who is inside, whether that person is rich or famous or even questions about what the special occasion is happening that requires a limousine for people to attend.

Because of the rarity and mysterious appearance of a limousine, a lot of misconceptions and even superstitions about limousines crop up in our daily life. Besides, hiring limo service to JFK Airport seems like impossible for them as most people think that these luxury vehicles are only for the rich and famous.

Here are a few myths about limousine and the people who use luxury car service to JFK Airport:

Limousines are only for the rich and wealthy.

This fact depends on the application of the vehicle itself. If you are thinking about someone who owns a personal limousine with full-time dedicated chauffeur to drive them, then yes this myth would be true.

But limo services exist for all people. What’s more, a limousine company doesn’t cater only to the rich, individual clients.  Limousine services can serve a bride and groom walking down the aisle to make memories for a lifetime and even business people attending a conference or want to make a great first impression.

Limousines don’t offer performance.

Usually, people see limousines in cities, mostly dropping people off at big, important social gathering. Just because of their connection with weddings, corporate events, proms, most people believe that limousines are all show and have no performance or durability.

However, that’s far from the reality. A limousine can go a great distance on highways; bring people to or from the airport, and to other cities. Limousine companies invest in vehicles that are equipped with latest in features and hardware, manufactured by reputable car companies and focus on reliability and performance. Don’t ever make a mistake of thinking that a limo is perfect for 100km or less.

Limousine companies only provide luxury cars.

This is one of the most surprising misconceptions; but it comes up again and again. Remember that a limousine company doesn’t but its cars from the limousine automobile company. However, limousines are not the vehicles produced only by one company in the same way that other vehicles are. Instead of a Lamborghini or McLaren, a limo describes a class of vehicle.

Moreover, companies like Rolls Royce, Mercedes and many others manufacture limousine class vehicles. Even companies like General Motors can’t create limos like the Hummer or Escalade. So, you shouldn’t make a mistake of thinking that limousine is a company. In reality, it’s actually the designation for a type of car.

Final consideration

Just keep in mind that while a limo may not be a daily vehicle, it’s not out of your reach. If you have a special occasion to attend or even flight to catch in JFK International Airport, you can look for a reputable limousine company to provide the vehicle and chauffeur that completes your requirements.

Please keep in mind that, you can take advantage of luxury car service to JFK Airport instead of getting worried about peak traffic conditions, parking spaces and directions. Rather than agreeing to the misconceptions about limousines, you should consider hiring limo service to JFK Airport for convenient, stress-free and relaxing transportation that you deserve the most.

This article is written by All Island Car & Limo Service –which specializes in providing luxury car service to JFK Airport ensuring smooth, timely and enjoyable chauffeured ground transportation.

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