Legacy of Marc Chagall

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Marc Chagall left a vast influence which amounts to as much as the number of mediums and styles that he has been able to assimilate in his practice to create his signature works. Even though, he never completely aligned himself with any of the single art movements or schools of thought, he was able to interweave many of the visual elements of these movements including Cubism, Fauvism, and Symbolism alongside Surrealism. He shaped these elements into a finely balanced form of lyrical and emotional aesthetics that was native to the practice of Jewish folk art telling the narratives of the native lore. His art consumed and created dream-like pastorals, and some of his paintings also featured Russian life. Because of his experimental nature and the nonconformist attitude to any single school of thought, the legacy Chagall left had been rich and it has granted him an innate uniqueness that is entirely his own and formed out of a rich amalgamation of prevailing Modern art disciplines. 

Marc Chagall & Multiple Media

Like Picasso, Chagall can also be one of the important examples of a modern artist who has equally mastered multitudes of media and practices. Chagall has worked in many platforms and that includes painting in oil, gouache, watercolors as well as creating murals, ceramic works alongside etchings, drawings. He has also involved his creative spree in working for theater where he also designed the costume. He has contributed his talents towards stained-glass work as well. Marc Chagall’s multiple media works and his plethora of experimentations have rendered him to be quite a diversified artist who has been equally par in every respect of his practice. His works showcase his deep understanding of art and his many influences from the contemporary art movements. Marc Chagall’s works are showcased in many of the websites online, explore the works and buy Marc Chagall paintings

Marc Chagall’s Identity as a Jewish

 Another very important aspect of Marc Chagall’s practice was his dedication towards his identity. His Jewish birth has always inspired him, throughout his career span, to create work that narratives the lore and narratives of his faith and several of his artworks can be celebrated as his attempt to reconstruct old Jewish traditions where he has inscribed the many styles of modern art. His art has spared a space for a perfect amalgamation of the two where the traditional values meet the modernist styles. But his Jewish identity has never made him shy of creating art on Christian themes. The motifs have allured his tastes because of their narrative and the allegories they used. By the wake of 1920s Chagall was accepted and claimed by the emerging Surrealists as a kindred spirit. He borrowed several motifs and themes from them, he was no lesser inspired and influenced by their school of thought yet he chose to reject the more conceptual subject matters of the Surrealists and remained to be the figurative painter that he had strived to be all along his career. 

Marc Chagall— The creator of ‘Supernatural’

His artworks always did have a dream-like quality, nevertheless, which can be attributed to his connection with the Surrealists. This quality is one of the core characteristics of most of the works created by Chagall. Marc Chagall’s marvelous oeuvre and his radiant works showcasing daring experimentations and an undying spirit have always mesmerized his audiences. Like Guillaume Apollinaire, the poet and the critic puts into words, Chagall's work is "supernatural." Explore these ‘supernatural’ works of art and buy Marc Chagall’s paintings online. 

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