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So you’re planning to invest buy outdoor or indoor LED wall screens to experience the advanced digital view in 2020? Of course, the idea of having an LED video wall screen seems quite advanced and pleasing. But that’s just about the idea. Now if we come in literal terms and talk about how, when, and why should one invest in such LED displays, are you sure that you have your concept and reasons sorted?

If not, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s because we’re here to offer you every detailed insight on the basics and important aspects of both indoor and outdoor LED video wall. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover everything you should know before investing in your personal LED wall screen.

Benefits of LED video wall

No Limitations of Resolution:

A resolution of an LED display can be considered as the pixel count and density of the screen. This means that the number of pixels is responsible for increasing or decreasing the quality of an image on the display. In the same aspect, a video wall screen serves you with a high quality of pixels that improve the picture quality effectively so there’s no doubt there.

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Eye-Catching Applications:

Since these LED wall screens consist of a high-quality display, it’s surely going to be a great view installing them in different outdoor locations. So whether you set it inside an airport or on the top of a building, having mesmerizing views playing on top of these displays can catch the attention of every passerby. So there’s no way anyone will be able to ignore them.

Clear Brightness and Quality Setting:

Whether it’s the venue having brightness or direct contact of sunlight, LED video wall screens can easily stand in these places as a firm, clear, and quality display setup. This is mainly because natural light is considered more as a feature in the modern environmental designs today; these displays effectively handle them without facing any issues. So with these displays, you can always be sure to avail bright and high-quality views.

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Flexible Hardware Layouts:

Even though some video wall displays serve as just grids on the wall, you can still explore layout options on them by following various mounting and displaying options. For instance, a designer can easily arrange These displays in a way that they create unique patterns; adding more value than just being there on the wall. This flexible layout option that comes with these displays increases their attractiveness and attention-grabbing quality. Now that’s certainly a benefit everyone would applaud, especially when it’s easier to do yourself too.

Reliable Processing Power:

Since a video wall requires more processing power to drive, it can be considered as another benefit of these displays. In simple words, these displays work in driving better content at a larger scale while driving more of the content at a smoother rate. But the content driving ability of single displays is opposite in comparison to the LED wall displays.

Extensive Options to Manipulate Content:

With the presence of video wall displays, you also get additional tools. These tools help present the content on this display in different ways, i.e. resized, layered, and arranged. To do this, you need to turn the displaying image into a single canvas and then use multiple tools to present the content in multiple exciting ways.

Moreover, since these tools are designed or everyone to use; whether it’s a novice or a professional, so it’s no harder to meet the daily content changes required on these screens. All this can be one with the least of effort. Now that sounds like a reliable display option, right?

Versatile Signals:

With video walls, there are no limitations or issues of connectivity. This means that even when single displays can be connected to limited connectable devices; video walls offer you plenty of options. This simply refers to the ability of this display device to grab various signals and then display them at the same time; despite the formats and resolution.  Moreover, if you use a video wall controller, even then you can access all of them collectively.

Modern and Sharp Looks:

Other than the image quality of these LED displays, the overall installation appearance of these displays is also highly attractive. To be precise, anyone would consider the modern look of video walls to portray a theme of sci-fi movies. What makes this possible is the clean design and making of these LED video wall screens, as these are arranged without any bezels. Moreover, it also doesn’t cosmos of any metal hangings; leaving it plain, clear, and modern.

As a result, whatever commercial business’s interior is decorated with these video walls, these are sure to give the business owner a sophisticated and modern image.

No Need for Frequent Maintenance:

Even though these delicate and modern displays may look like they need more frequent maintenance than a single LED display, but the situation is vice versa.  One of the major reasons for this is the light engine technology present in this display. These displays rely completely on this technology; making a reliable light engine technology to be a necessity for fewer maintenance needs. So the better the manufacturing methods of an LED wall display, the better and longer it will perform. As a result, we can consider these displays to require minimum to zero maintenance; even after being used for years.

Natural Interactivity:

With the presence of the common addition of interaction in the modern video wall models, it is easier to boost engagement through it. This means that any passerby can easily interact with these displays and seek help including; navigating around a spot, checking for travel or event schedules go through a bunch of products, or even pass time by playing around. Wherever these video walls are installed, they can surely succeed in boosting the branding of any business/organization. So this natural interaction quality is another most beneficial aspect of these displays.

Type of LED Video Wall:

When it comes to understanding the criteria for buying LED wall screens, you can’t decide without finalizing what type of LED wall display would fulfill your needs. Considering this, it’s important to know all the basic types of these displays. To help you out on that and making a decision, let’s go ahead and describe some of these types below!

Outdoor Display:

As the name suggests, these types of outdoor LED video wall screens are installed in outdoor locations. Whether it’s on a specific wall/board or the exterior of your business building/shop; these displays can easily be installed there and attract the passersby’s easily for your brand.


Indoor Display:

Of course, this indoor LED video wall is also one that is installed on the inner side. This means that you can either install them in a building/shop to give a modern presentation while portraying ads and messages of your building, or you can make them solely for your personal use at home. Either way, the attractiveness of these displays can give a whole new look.

Flat Display:

These screens are mostly found indoors, as they can be installed on plain, straight walls. After the installation, this display gives a clear view of animations and graphic playing; giving a life-like view.

Curved Display:

Lastly, but most importantly, these curved video wall screen types are used mostly in outdoor locations. From cinemas to presentation halls, and even offices consider giving a curved and dedicated look of a specific message or presentation on these screens. With a curved display, one can easily forget that whether the view is real or on a display screen.

Flexible LED screen

Flexible LED screen, curve LED display

LED Video Wall Applications

Since not many people are aware of LED video wall screens, it’s hard to figure out the different applications or places these displays can be used. But that’s not something you should worry about, as we’ve mentioned some major locations that involve applications of these displays. This includes:

  • TV studios
  • Control rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports
  • Different entertainment venues
  • Large sports stadiums, etc.

LED Video Wall Buying Guide

When it comes to buying LED wall screens, one has to consider some major features and aspect of these displays and evaluate their own needs this helps to make a better decision.

Now to help you out on doing that, let’s discuss the most important factors you should consider:

Size and Number of Panels:

Firstly, it’s important to understand what size of screen you want before investing in one. The answer to this can vary on the type of video wall you want, the panel’s quantity, and the usage/installation location. Once you have these things figured out, it’ll be easier to find the right size.

Now the number of panels will also play a significant role in determining the size of the screen. For this, you can evaluate the panel’s quantity by understanding the content you want to displays. Moreover, understanding what size of the image would look attractive and effective would also help to make this decision.

Quality of Panels:

Of course, when it comes to buying a video wall display, you need to go for something that has a high-quality performance. Now to make sure that the quality and appearance of the display that you choose is high, you should look for one that has high definition panels. Moreover, if you look for contrast ratios of anything between 3000 or more, high brightness, and wide color gamut in the panel specs, you’ll make a better decision and a better quality performance.

Size of the Bezels:

Since these bezels are used as the edges of the individual panels in a video wall display, one can easily see them as plain black lines (or otherwise, gaps between other panels). Now it’s up to you how thin or thick the gap or line you want your displays to portray. To make a better decision here, it’s better to choose small sizes to ensure that the images aren’t disrupted.

LED Video Wall Pricing Factors:

The price of an LED Video wall display depends upon specific factors that work forth increasing or decreasing its cost; both with the presence or absence of the qualities and quantities of such factors. For a clearer idea, let’s go ahead and discover these factors below:

  • Density of pixels
  • Display size
  • Design (curved, flat, or transparent)
  • How complex I the installation
  • Requirements for processing videos
  • Indoor/outdoor application
  • It’s setup type

Depending on the presence and quantity of all these factors, an average budget for buying this display can start from $50k to $350k. So before you finalize a budget, make sure you know what major features you want to find in the display.

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LED Video Wall FAQS:

  1. What is a LED Video Wall?

This is a type of digital display that is built of a metal tile frame design. This holds modules that are made up of LEDs that produce light. Further, this light is provided to the video processor to convert from video signals into light. With enough LEDs programmed close to each other, the video wall display shows a bright and attractive video.

  • What makes an LED wall screen better than a Projector?

A few key advantages make these displays better than projectors. This includes:

  • Better brightness and contrast
  • Better room aesthetics with lesser noise overall
  • Least requirement of maintenance
  • Serving as a more flexible option
  • What is an LED wall screens life span?

The best quality LEDs present in these video wall screens tend to last for at least 100,000 hours.  However, if we consider normal usage along with the lifespan of other connected parts; companies promise a 12-15 years guarantee for LED video wall screens.

  • What is the weight of an LED video wall?

Each of the tiles of these displays has a minimum weight of up to 18lbs. however, once you create the whole setup with cable, rigging bars, and all the tiles, the total weight can reach up to 25 lbs.


Now that we’ve disused every detail that you might want to discover about LED wall screens as a novice investor, it’s time you let these advanced displays enhance your class, success, and ease by buying and installing wither an outdoor LED video wall or an indoor LED video wall screens.

So what’s stopping you now? Get up, evaluate the details you need to consider before investing in a display, finalize a budget, and go grab those outdoor/indoor video walls already! It’s time to grow with modern advancements.

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