LED Bulb Application Features

by Ente G. LED lighting for sale
Due to the complexity of LED bulb than the incandescent bulb in structure, even in the case of large-scale production, its price is still higher than incandescent lamps. The market situation in 2012 in terms of an LED bulb, the prices are higher than the electron energy-saving lamps. But with more and more understanding and acceptance as well as the scale of production, the price of an LED bulb will soon reach the level of electronic energy-saving lamps. LED bulb has the following several distinctive features:

Firstly, energy-saving. Research data shows that the LED is a cold light source. Semiconductor lighting itself has not any pollution to the environment. Compared with incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, energy-saving efficiency can reach 90%. Under the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of ordinary incandescent lamps and 1/2 of fluorescent tubes. If replacing 50% of traditional incandescent fluorescent lighting, the annual electricity saving is equivalent to the sum generating capacity of the Three Gorges power plant, the energy-saving benefits are substantial.

Secondly, healthier. LED is green lighting. The LED light uses DC drive with no stroboscopic; nor infrared and ultraviolet components and no radiation pollution. The color rendering index is high and it has a strong directional light; good dimming performance, no visual error when changing the color temperature; the cold light source gives out low heat, safe to touch; these are unattainable to incandescent and fluorescent lamps. It can not only provide a comfortable space for illumination but also better meet people's physical health needs and is a health light source to protect the health of vision and the environment. Explosion-proof led exit signs

Thirdly, humane. Undoubtedly, the relation between light and human is an eternal topic. "People see the light, but I see the light," is the classic phrase that has changed countless designer’s understandings of lamps. The highest level of lighting is the "shadowless", which is also the highest expression of humanity. There is not any trace of common lamps in the room so that people can feel but can not find the light source, which reflects the humanization design of a perfect combination of light and human life. best led headlights

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