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Most of the students experience difficulties with studying at some time but the important part is overcoming those challenges through a learning process at the time when they have massive workloads. Such issues range from temporary glitches to the lack of motivation and less productivity. It takes a strong will-power to overcome these issues. But these can be conquered with the right attitude and optimistic approach. This article is related to the problems faced by the students and their respective solutions.

Here are some of the issues faced by the students:

No motivation: low motivation is one of the major problems you may encounter during your academic career. It is nearly an impossible task to get through the sheer volume of work which is required to be done to gain high qualifications. To get rid of demotivation, you need to understand the reason behind it. It can be for all the subjects or for some specific one which can be due to one of the following reasons:

ü  You may be stressed or tired with the heavy workload.

ü  There may be something distracting you from the studies.

ü  You are least interested in the subject.

ü  You may have some problem with the teacher

ü  There can be some other things happening interesting in your life, or you may have some other priorities.

ü  You may be worried about your failure.

ü  You may be suffering from severe health.


·         Resolving the issue of motivation

It does not matter how big the problem is till the time you can fix it by your own. Here are some essential tips to get yourself motivated for studying with dedication.

ü  Keep rewards for yourself

ü  Read motivational quotes and keep the best ones at your desk

ü  Consume the right diet to stay active for a longer time.

ü  Take small breaks at specific intervals

·         Too many distractions: There are so many distractions in the outside world that students feel distracted from studies such as social media, friends, television, phone, video games and outer places for parties and hang-outs. If you also feel that these things are distracting you from studying, then you must change your studying environment.

Solution: Create the right environment for learning should be a right option for you which will help you to overcome the power of all these external distractions. Eliminate the things which are your weaknesses will also be a good option. Make less use of your phone, internet and television. Limit your socialising to weekends for certain period.

·         Difficult to concentrate

Even after eliminating the distraction, you can still face the major issue of concentrating on studies. It’s not just possible but common to lose focus and experience a drastic drop in productivity. In exams, even staring at exams can become interesting. It gives birth to procrastination which delays all your work and makes you disinterested in studies. Primary reasons for lack of concentration are:

ü  There can be something in your mind that stops you from concentrating on your studies.

ü  The enormity of the task can also be the reason for delaying studies or less concentration in studies.

ü  To get rid of this, you can work on following things which can help you concentrating on your studies

ü  You can talk to someone which can help you get rid of your problem.

ü  Going for a walk can also make your mind fresh.

ü  If something feels out of your control, you can talk to some counsellor who can guide you in a better way.


·         Remember facts and figures

Students at every age face the difficulty of remembering the facts and figures as it is quite difficult to remember all the information required for answering the questions in exams. You can learn to memorise the things by keeping the learning part at first place and repeating it on a daily basis.

·         No proper resources

Lacking the resources is also the primary problem faced by the students. Academic success depends on having access to the right resources, whether it is a necessary book or a teacher. You can efficiently resolve this problem. For books, you can ask your teachers to recommend you some good one. You can also take the help of the internet. If it is new equipment, you can talk to your parents about it and invest as per your requirement.

·         Lack of time management

Studying at any level requires proper time management, and if you find yourself struggling to meet deadlines, then you need to work on your time management skills. For this, you have to become more organised by keeping a list of what are your requirements and getting started on with your work. It also means being more disciplined with your routine such as getting up earlier, planning your whole day and allocating proper time to all the required tasks.

If you are stuck in studying, take a little time out and clear your head by adjusting your way of thinking about your studies.

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