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In this lecture, we're going to talk about different kinds of variables. So we already have seen two different kinds actually. We have just seen the numbers and it can be different than numbers right. So we have seen to and best digital marketing institute in Delhi. and three-point fourteen is actually different than the rest of the numbers. We will see the difference number. Variables are actually can be categorized into two did a show in decimal once. And the whole numbers. So the whole numbers here are actually called integers k. So integer is actually a whole number. 

You cannot show the decimals of these numbers. So is an integer is anti-euro is an integer. And we have at twenty-five here. And the other things digital agency and three-point fourteen is not an interest.

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  • Digitel- Because it shows decimals by it's rather double or a flat K double or flop is actually the same thing but doubles TAR's more digit than fucked. OK. So I will use them interchangeably but most of the time I will use double k. So let's see the difference the best digital marketing institute in Delhi between double flopped and teenager. Let's do some operation on the interior about her other down let's say this time. K so I will delete does that make it and run it from the beginning.

  •  Omnidigi- So what do we expect to see? So. Multiply it by five and divided by four is actually turret. So we go down and see it is. OK. So rather than let's do. So we expect to see twenty-eight seventy-five. Right. So if we run this from the beginning let's see what we get. Kate let's go down and as you can see we don't yet. Twenty-eight. Seventy-five.

  • Koenig Solution- Because this is a Teju. We only get. We don't see the decimals. If we had a double as you can say Wow. And this will be my age rather than age. And the best digital marketing institute in Delhi it's going to be but twenty-three points. Oh damn, Dan and very will know that I'm trying to create a double rather than integer and I will create an under result called my result. It's going to be my age multiply by divided by four.

  • Indras Academy- And I will print these my results into the locks as well. So I'm doing the same thing. OK. I am multiplying the by and dividing by. So if you can go down and see one use. Twenty-eight one uses out twenty-eight point seventy-five even though I'm doing the same thing the same operation. It gives me two different results because one is integer while the other is Double K so they are completely different kinds of variables that defy how at tax to the variable. It's called a string. It will be the same. Think it's going to be completely different. Quite so I cannot mix double and integer. So I had to cast this as one. 


And you can choose to show the decimals to your user if you want to show you can show by creating floats or doubles. And if you don't wanna show decimals if it's not important you may create integers. I showed them to your user `K. Let's stop here and continue like section. OK, we now know how to create integers to create some bubbles and flops but the variables are actually more than just numbers. It can consist of strings tacks. OK, so best digital marketing institute in Delhi  I will just type some strings here like what like if I want to store the name of my user like name equals to James and print line the name of my user. And please be a word that I have written down James witing quotation marks Kate as you can see how it's the in the looks and whatever you write within quotation marks it just to say that it's a text it's a string.

 So whenever you do it it's a string. If I write down five within quotation marks it's not going to be anti-euro it's going to be a string. If I had written down I had the feeling here as a surname I can create a full name. That is the sum of the name and surname right. I can do the best digital marketing institute in Delhi this because it will just concatenate the name as her name. Right. So rather than printing out the name let's just print Leinders full name here and see what we get. We have James Hetfield but doubt any space between the name and surname. Right.

 So what can we do to have a space we can have. James says this or I can go here and say like this. And while they were I put in here like space or aether thing will show up in the full name. Let's run this from the beginning and see if we can see it. James Hetfield but rather withs space this time. Yes as you can see we now have James space Hatfield's so you can work with tacts without creating some strings like in this example. And aside from strings double and thoughts and integers, we have one more basic variable kind that we have to see for we continue. 


That is boolean. Maybe you can come across as well. It does the same thing as Billiam so Boullion is the simplest one. It's actually rather the simplist variable kind of all like variable is a lie. True. It's going to be either true or false. So how can we use this boolean? Maybe we're creating a game and we can assign our correcter to be alive. OK if he used that we can say is alive is not false. Maybe we have some class or function with us along the best digital marketing institute in Delhi the way checking out if our character is alive or dead every minute and one dysfunction sees it was false. It will do something like deducting the character lives by Vaughn. I don't know but I know that the Boolean is the simplest logic. It's either one or zero. It's either true or false. And we will use this a lot in our examples. So we're now done by booleans and strings. And now let's stop here and within the next lecture, we will continue.

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