Learn How Get Blood Stains Out Of Carpet

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Carpets add to the beauty of a house but they do demand an intense maintenance too. Our carpets sometimes have to bear the burden of our lifestyle and mishaps of our lives. Whether we party or meet an in-house accident, our carpets suffer along with us. Accidents are a part of life and due to them many-a-times the carpets get blood stains. A carpeted home with children faces more blood stains. If you too have kids at home, learn how to remove blood stains from carpet to ensure the safety of your carpets.

Cleaning blood stains from carpet:

Home solutions

The very first step, once you are through with the first-aid of the victim, is to use cold water on the stained area of the carpet. If that does not eliminate the stain completely, you can use club soda to absorb the remains of the bloodstains. This solution works well on thin carpets, as it is easy to get to the fibers soaked in blood. You should always use a soft sponge to dab the club soda on the affected area, this way you will not spoil the carpet.

Another way to remove blood stains from carpets is to use a wet spotter. It is a combination of glycerin, dish washing detergent and cool plain water. When you prepare the solution, add 80% water to it along with a cup of glycerin. Shake the solution properly before applying it to the carpet. Spray a few drops of this solution on the bloodstains and scrub it with a clean piece of cloth in a circular pattern. Once you are through with the procedure, make sure you wipe up the solution, as it might be risky for your pets.

Besides that, you can also try a mixture of cold tap water and a tablespoon of ammonia. For this, first you need to blot up the fresh blood with a sponge before applying this mixture. Spray the stained area with this mixture until it gets saturated in the carpet. Once it does, you should use a clean piece of cloth to blot up the solution along with the stain. Beware of the ammonia fumes, as they can be risky if inhaled.

You can also make use of per-wash laundry cleaner to remove blood from your carpet. All you have to do is spray it on the stained carpet and rub it well into the stain with your finger. After a few minutes, use a sponge to scrub the blood lightly. Next, use cold water to saturate that very area with water and lastly, blot up everything.

Carpet cleaning products

However, if none of the home solutions work for you then you can also try out the carpet cleaning products that are easily available in the market. In such a case, you should read the pack properly to find out what types of stain it can remove. Most of them are developed to clean dirt and germs. So, read before you purchase, otherwise you will be wasting money without solving your problem.

Lastly, always remember to clean up the blood stains on your carpet as soon as possible because the blood stains that are allowed for more than 24 hours are almost impossible to remove.

Professional carpet cleaning

When all else fails then call a Sydney Carpet Cleaners company!

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