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Menopause is one of those phases in the lives of a woman that throws several challenges at her. These challenges prove to be quite taxing, both emotionally and physically. While some women manage to put up with the pangs of this natural phenomenon without medicines, many of them need medical attention because their symptoms are much more severe. You will encounter this moment too. That’s why you should know about it before you purchase Menopause Over The Counter Drugs or resort to other remedial options.

1. The differences: Menopause demarcates the end of a woman’s reproductive capabilities, but there are three phases in it. These include menopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause. Menopause happens, as you probably know when you didn’t have periods over the last twelve months. It tells you that you can’t conceive anymore. Perimenopause is the transition time that begins with period irregularity and ends with the final menstrual flow. It usually sets in when you’re in your mid to late forties. Finally, once menopause occurs, you enter the postmenopause stage.

2. The age: Menopause mostly occurs in women aging between forty-five and fifty-five years. In the US, the average menopause age is fifty-two.

3. The reason: So, why does menopause happen? As you grow older, the reproductive cycle starts slowing down and gets ready to stop permanently. The hormone content in your body reduces drastically. As a result, your body realizes that it’s time to curb your reproductive capabilities. It’s also the decrease in your estrogen and progesterone hormones that give rise to the menopausal symptoms.

4. About premature menopause: Apart from the three stages of menopause described above, there’s another situation where a woman experiences a premature version of this event. It may happen due to a reproductive system surgery that you underwent. Sometimes, it’s also the side effect of specific medicines that you take regularly.

5. The symptoms: There are several symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sweating at night, experiencing discomfort while having sex, emotional changes, urgent need to urinate, dryness of skin, mouth, and eyes, and insomnia.

6. About hot flashes: Hot flashes are the most common symptom of this physiological phenomenon. You can avoid them in several ways. For instance, you can stay away from spicy dishes, alcohol, cigarettes, and tight-fitting garments. You should also try to remain indoors during hot weather conditions.

7. The problem with having sex: Most women experience a lot of pain while having sex after menopause. The main reason behind this issue is vaginal dryness. If you use an over-the-counter lubricating fluid, then it can reduce the pain significantly. You should also consider discussing the matter with your doctor.

Treatment options

You have several treatment options at your disposal. First of all, you may Buy Menopause Drugs for Hot Flashes Online and take them. Otherwise, you may opt for hormonal therapy. However, if you wish to go for the second option, then you must consult your physician. Adhering to a healthy diet and exercising regularly can also be immensely helpful.

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