Laser Engraving Vs Traditional Etched Engraving

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You and your spouse-to-be got your brand new wedding rings all picked out and you are set to personalize them by engraving a wonderful message to one another inside the band. But you don't understand what type of engraving you should get. Do you know most reliable jewellers give traditional imprinted engraving and new laser engraving?


Traditional engraving is usually the genuine way engraving has been down since the starting of time, which is by etching or carving your personal message onto the surface area of the band. This is normally the same type of engraving you would find on plaques and trophies. This technique is fairly basic. It involves using a needle-like an object made of an extremely hard material, hardened steel usually, to scrape your engraving onto your wedding rings literally. Although many jewellers will inform you that this kind of engraving cannot be performed on tungsten wedding rings because tungsten is certainly too hard of a metal, it is not true simply. If a traditional engraving machine has a diamond tipped needle, it can engrave on tungsten rings because diamonds are the hardest material on earth, which means they can scrape anything.


Jewelers who stay on top of technological advancements know about laser beam engraving and give it all to their clients. Although laser marking or engraving machines have been around for decades and have been used in many commercial applications, only has this kind of engraving been applied to jewellery recently. The most common type of laser beam utilized for carrying out laser beam engraving is certainly a Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) laser. YAG is normally the abbreviation for the kind of crystal this laser uses to target the laser To perform the engraving, the laser beam burns up your message onto the surface area of the band basically. This type of engraving is normally good to use on all types of materials from delicate gold to very hard tungsten. One great benefit of laser engraving is usually that it enables for more types of fonts to pick from and it can engrave simply about any sign or picture. Also Read: Glass Engraving Toronto


Which Type of Engraving Can last longer?


The strength and durability of an engraving carried out on the outside of the ring depends upon the durability of the metal itself. On softer alloys, like gold, the band shall get damaged and the engraving will wear away overtime period, but on hard alloys like tungsten, the engraving shall not really wear away as it is extremely difficult to scratch the band. Engravings on the inside of the ring shall not wear away regardless of what metal you choose, as long as you wear the band on your finger. For the engraving to wear away, that would mean your skin is certainly tougher than the metal, which is certainly not feasible. Putting on a band on a necklace could rub away an engraving on a gold band over the period.


Which Type of Engraving is Easier to Read?


Laser engraving tends to be simpler to read since the metal is burned by the laser, turning it darker, thus it stands out even more. Nevertheless, that is not to say that a traditional engraving is certainly hard to read. Traditional engraving is usually deeper, as it is certainly designed for the band, therefore depth makes it understandable.


Which Engraving Type is More Popular?


Traditional engraving tends to be more well-known with customers who purchase rings crafted from traditional precious metals, such as platinum, gold and palladium. This is very likely because individuals are used to seeing their parents' marriage bands, which are produced from traditional alloys, with traditional engraving. Clients who buy alternate alloys, such as tungsten bands, are likely to choose laser engraving, as their wedding band is normally produced from a fresh metal, therefore they choose a brand-new engraving technique. There is no correct or incorrect method to engrave your band. It all comes down to personal choice, and we are very pleased to be capable to give you the choice that matches you perfectly.


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