Landing Pages or Pages? You Probably Do It Wrong

by William Roy Digital Marketing Services
Did you know that some businesses out there treating their landing page as their homepage? Statistics show that the percentage of landing pages that the home page is very high. An incredible 77% of them, in fact.

From an SEO perspective (or affiliate marketing), it is not clear on the definition of the landing page and the home page and their specific purpose is a recipe for disaster.

Thinking that your site is where Digital Marketing Company Sheffield most conversions happen is a big misunderstanding about how any of this works.

That's not how any of this works ...
We have written about the previous build a landing page. But I'm here to paint a clearer picture for you of the true difference between the landing page and the home page. Let's look at each of them first before going to the juicy stuff.

Is Landing Page?
A landing page is the most important asset of your SEO strategy, specifically for the purpose of conversion optimization.

They are the place where you make your offer compellingly interesting and engagingly by including a call to action that draw your audience in. The sole purpose of landing page is to attract visitors and make them addictive.

For those who maintain an active social media presence, provide a link to your landing page on Instagram or Facebook account you will definitely increase your traffic.

One key aspect of landing pages is that they do not have a navigation bar and contains content that describes the product, application, or single service. There she is. No feathers, no "learn more", no "other services" ... in short: there is nothing to distract your visitor from making direct purchases.

Designing a top-notch landing page is your ticket to increase conversions and your audience move down the sales channel.

What About Home Pages?
Now, you might be aware of what the home page. First and foremost, it should look at the introduction to your website. It must have an intuitive navigation bar that allows your visitors to explore some of your offers and products.

Make the home page of interest is important to build trust with your audience (especially first time visitors). You should include relevant information about your business in an organized and concise manner to guarantee users do not feel overwhelmed and understand what your website is about.

What is the Difference Between Landing Page and Home Pages
For many people, the line between the two can get blurry if they are not familiar with their major differences and elements that make them unique.

For convenience, I have selected four areas where the landing page and the home page is different in terms of goals and objectives, so you can go right ahead and optimize your pages as you read!

Target Audience
People who visit your home page may not be interested in buying your product, obtain your services, read your blog, or whatever your offer is. They are there because they want to know about your business and find out more information about it.

Those who landed on your landing page, however, had lower sales or conversion funnel. Maybe they clicked on your paid search ads on specific services or products they are interested in buying, or they look at your landing page link in your social media accounts.

And this is where the big difference lies: Your landing page will serve as an impetus for the target demographic to convert and sign your form or pick up where you tell them what action to take. Unlike your website, landing pages must be completely designed around ONE specific audience that's Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield  already interested in your offer.

Link and Navigation
When it comes to the link, we can say that the home page is a clear winner.

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