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If you've been raised on King and Queen tales and are now mesmerised with our own Bollywood ladies who are seen wearing those magnificent Kundan jewellery set in epic films like Jodha Akbar, Ramleela, and Bajirao Mastani, here is a guide for Kundan jewellery from Miss Highness that should answer all of your questions about this type of jewellery. 

About Kundan Jewellery

Since ancient times, people adores Gold jewellery. These were the most popular type of jewellery. The term "Kundan" refers to pure gold or a highly refined kind of gold. Kundan jewellery is ornamented with valuable stones like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and other gems and is made of pure gold, often 24k gold. The technique of making Kundan jewellery is thought to have begun in the royal palaces of Rajasthan and flourished under the patronage of the Mughal dynasty. Kundan jewellery is renowned for giving its user a royal appearance, which is why the regal women and men of the bygone era much favoured it. 

Kundan Artificial Jewellery

While authentic Kundan jewellery is incredibly expensive due to the metals and gemstones used in its creation, as well as the level of artistry required in its creation, it has become much more economical and therefore accessible to the general people of today, thanks to the low - cost materials like brass and copper. This is known as Kundan artificial jewellery. This is the best option for people with a low budget. You can buy the best Kundan artificial jewellery online at Miss Highness. It's no surprise that Kundan artificial jewellery has become a popular option among jewellery enthusiasts. 

What Is Kundan Jewellery? 

It is a type of jewellery that consists of glass and gemstones placed between gold foils. Its distinctive characteristics are the polished gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, that are put in layers upon layers of amazing styles and designs. 

History Of Kundan Jewellery

More than 5000 years ago, the Indus valley civilization emerged, indicating the beginning of India’s fascination with jewellery. Since then, a variety of jewellery-making techniques have been developed and mastered. The artists of Rajasthan and Gujarat are claimed to have received numerous Kundan craftsmanship techniques from Delhi courts. Ancient Indian kings used Kundan work in the creation of their royal clothing and even as decoration on royal furniture. Kundan Keshari is another name for this conventional art. 

Making Of Kundan Jewellery 

Kundan making is often referred to as Jadau jewellery. This exquisite jewellery is a handcrafted work of art that needs expert labour. Its design incorporates a variety of themes, with floral designs being a crowd favourite. With time, there has been a shift in jewellery’s weight. It used to be heavy, but jewellers are now making it lighter to match the taste of modern girls. Recently, the states of Bihar and Punjab have successfully reproduced the style of silver Kundan jewellery, which has grown popular among the local populations. 

Typically Used Gemstones In Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery and the discoveries linked with it have taken a major step since ancient times. Kundan beads and Kundan stones are essential parts of Kundan jewellery. These are the life and soul of every Kundan jewellery. For jewellery, the gemstones are carved from wax, glass, or acrylic. As a result, these items work as important components in the making of Kundan jewellery. When it comes to the main stones used in Kundan jewellery, we may mention pearls, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, jade, etc. But basic Kundan stones can also be utilised in the Kundan set design to keep costs down. 

Why Kundan Jewellery Is So Popular?

The desire for Kundan jewellery never goes away, although it increases during the wedding season. Indian bridal outfits are not considered complete with the opulent Kundan bridal jewellery set. In addition to weddings, the Kundan jewellery set can be worn at any celebration, social event, or religious ceremony. Millions of women buy Kundan jewellery online to go with their Indian clothing and some modern girls also style themselves by wearing Kundan choker set with current western clothing. 

The Bollywood industry’s fashion serves as an important source of inspiration for many Indian ladies. Kundan jewellery gained popularity when leading ladies in films like 'Jodha Akbar' and 'Ram Leela' were shown wearing stunning Kundan artificial jewellery set that lit the screens on fire. The excitement grew too much when popular Bollywood actresses such as Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty, and Kareena Kapoor wore expensive Kundan bridal jewellery set on their wedding days. 

Different Types Of Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is a popular form of Indian artificial jewellery that most women desire to wear. The majority of women wear it and it is acknowledged as one of the oldest pieces of jewellery. Most brides prefer Kundan bridal jewellery set because it can easily change them into gorgeous, glamorous ladies by simply weaning them. In this section of this blog, we will mention the best types of Kundan artificial Jewellery

Kundan Earrings

Everyone knows that women are particularly attracted to different styles of earrings. People make a lot of effort to get numerous types of earrings from different jewellery types. In fact, it is the most enticing piece of the Kundan bridal jewellery set. Sometimes brides experiment with some unique Kundan earrings patterns and styles on their wedding day in an effort to appear more stylish and unique. Kundan earrings have a special alluring charm and they may quickly draw people’s attention to you. 

Kundan Necklace

The Kundan necklace is one of the most well-known accessories in the Kundan jewellery collection. Any woman who appreciates wearing various types of artificial jewellery for various occasions will be fully satisfied with the clarity, brightness, and brilliance of the Kundan necklace. You can buy the Kundan necklace online from Miss Highness. Your jewellery collection must have at least one piece of Kundan necklace

Kundan Rings

The smallest yet most beautiful fashion jewellery to complete your look. We have a sizable assortment of Kundan rings, and each piece is absolutely unique and different from the rest. Kundan rings are symbols of grandeur, riches and beauty. 

Kundan Bracelet

It is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery from the Kundan jewellery collection. Modern girls love to wear Kundan artificial bracelets with both, western and traditional outfits. This artificial jewellery item is the best for improving the hands and making them look lovely and captivating. These particular pieces of jewellery are manufactured with the highest quality materials and have superb finishing so that they don’t hurt your wrist. 

Taking Care Of Kundan Jewellery Collection

The Kundan artificial jewellery collection should be well-maintained so that you may continue to appreciate their beauty for many years to come. Don't know how to take care of your Kundan jewellery collection? Simply follow the suggestions below, and your jewellery will sparkle for decades. 

Avoid Wearing It In The Bathroom

Never wear your Kundan jewellery to the bathroom. Be sure to remove every piece of Kundan artificial jewellery before getting a fast bath or shower. The stones' quality may be harmed by the bathroom's wetness. 

Never Wear It To The Pool

Enjoy swimming? Great. But remember to take off the jewellery before diving into the water. Most swimming pools include chemicals in their water, such as chlorine. For sensitive Kundan jewellery, these chemicals act as a sort of death chamber. So, before you go across the waterways, please take off the jewellery carefully. 

Keep It Away From Perfumes

Excluding the Kundan jewellery, everyone likes perfume. The strong chemicals in perfumes frequently reduce the metal’s quality. The same happens with detergents. The greatest method to preserve the quality of the Kundan jewellery collection is to never ever execute any home activities while wearing it, like gardening or cooking. 

Best Place To Buy Kundan Artificial Jewellery

Do you want to buy beautiful Kundan jewellery online? Miss Highness provides you with the most exquisite Kundan jewellery designs to satiate your sense of elegance. Miss Highness is a high-end fashion jewellery brand that offers a wide selection of the most latest and desirable fashion jewellery with distinctive designs, long-lasting brilliance, and incomparable quality standards. Our products are thoughtfully designed to cover a range of themes and styles to make sure you have lots of possibilities. Whether you're looking for a modern or classic Kundan set, you're sure to find it at Miss Highness. We provide reasonably priced Kundan sets so that you won't have any trouble making purchases from our web store. Simply start looking through our collection to choose your favourite Kundan jewellery styles. 


You have a lot of possibilities with Kundan jewellery, both for everyday wear and for special events. On your shopping list, purchasing Kundan jewellery should be high on the priority list. Moreover, Kundan adds such a subtle touch to your appearance that you may wear it on a regular basis without thinking twice. There is no turning back once you actually wear Kundan jewellery since it is made with such care and accuracy. So why not keep it in your closet and freshen up your complete style with Miss Highness

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