Knowing When to Slow Play in Online Poker

by Aubrey W. Literati
In the hopes of getting an edge over their opponents by way of deception, online poker gamers come up with a lot of gaming styles and tactical gestures used during a poker match, and one of them is slow playing. 

Often called sandbagging or trapping, slow playing is some sort of a deceptive ploy in online poker wherein primarily, a player tends to bet weakly or passively with a strong holding. But apart from this, hints of slow playing in poker games online can be traced in many different moves made by players if you’re quick to notice them. Usually, a flat call can be a form of slow playing, as well as instances like when a player checks or calls a good hand during a betting round in an attempt to get more winnings place bigger bets in the succeeding betting rounds.

Slow playing is a strategy used by a lot of people who play online poker with the purpose of boosting the money they have in their pots and as well as increasing the amount of money they can win. It’s a playing style that’s most commonly used by players in specific poker variants like Texas Hold’em. However, many players, especially beginners, tend to make the mistake of slow playing too often. There are only specific instances where you should be slow playing, and situations that you should avoid it.

Situations that call for slow playing

If you want to play poker online and wish to incorporate slow playing in your game, being keen to know the times when you should do it will help you avoid failure and big losses. It is advised that you slow play if you have a solid hand and if you are certain that the probability of your opponent folding on your next bet is high. Another key move is to allow your opponents to see a free card just as long as doing such would be done with a calculated risk. By doing so, your opponent will tend to get a better hand and call your next bet. This is the perfect opportunity for you to execute your plan. Slow playing can also work well during the times when the flop is dry or when you have absolute nuts so that no harm will come your way.

You can also get a good avantage from slow playing by using it as a way of waiting for your opponents to get a weaker combination until you get the right moment to push right ahead of them when they least expect it. Slow playing is a good way of making your opponents think that they are going to win by seeming like you are throwing the game, because you are attempting to show that your hand is weak.

But then again, slow playing doesn’t always work in some Bitcoin poker games online, and most of the playing public would opt to refrain from it and just stick to their usual gaming strategies. After all, slow playing is merely an act of deception tp help lead you to a small desired outcome within the game. But if you find that slow playing is of great help to your game and if you’ve mastered how and when  it should be utilized, then the win is sure closer to your side of the table. 

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