Know What Are Natural Supplements Or Medicians

by Sara James Easyday

You must have come across the words dietary supplements or natural supplements from doctors, scientific experts, or even youtube videos. From best menopause tablets to liver detox tablets, these are the supplements that you can either eat or drink. They can be rich in vitamins and minerals and may contain amino acids or other substances. The word supplement itself suggests that these substances are to be taken as an addition and not a substitute to your current food intake. 


Natural Supplements can be easily found in food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and even on the internet, like the calcium and vit D tablets online or ashwagandha tablets online. The need for supplements itself depends on the need of every individual. It may be due to health reasons or to achieve the right amount of daily vitamin intake. The reason why these natural supplements are widely popular is that they come from natural sources. 


These substances made from plants to treat certain diseases or to maintain good health are natural supplements. They are limited to internal use only. 


These supplements can't be termed as a diagnosis or treatment of disease due to legal reasons. But the fact is, natural supplements have been in use for thousands of years for treating many illnesses, and many of them formed the basis of today's medicines. That's why they get promoted as good-health supplements. 


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), on the other hand, does not approve/regulate these natural supplements the way they regulate other drugs. That's the reason why these products aren't subjected to the same kind of manufacturing, testing, or labeling as other regulated drugs. That's why they get sold based on how well they work. 


What are the uses of natural supplements?


Natural supplements are widely used for treating various health conditions. If we look at history, we can find how people used herbal medicines/natural supplements to derive cures and prevent certain kinds of illnesses.


Whether it is constipation, relieve pain, relax muscles, or prevent hair fall, natural supplements can go a long way. Many researchers have pointed out that these plants or herb products have the same effect on a person as conventional medicines. Some research, on the other hand, points towards the potential harm caused by these supplements. Some of these supplements do not contribute towards treating certain health problems. It does not mean that every natural supplement is like that. Many dietary medicines can do wonders in treating illness or providing cures better than regulated drugs. So, if you are looking for the best cholesterol reducing tablets, you can find one in natural supplements. The same goes for liver detox tablets or hair growth medicine tablets


Are natural supplements safe?

Yes, the majority of natural supplements are safe. But that's not true for all of them. That is why it is crucial to consult a doctor or a pharmacist before starting any supplement. And it becomes even more important when you are on ongoing medications. Always consult a doctor before you start taking supplements in such a case.


But you can ensure your safety while taking dietary supplements if you are aware of the following facts: 


1. It is common for natural supplements to cause side effects like conventional medicines. You can experience trigger reactions or effects from the interaction of prescription medicines with the supplements. So, if you already have a health condition, it can get even worse if you make the mistake of mixing drugs without a prescription.

2. These natural supplements may not be standardized when manufactured. So, it can be hard to predict which supplement will work and which supplement can have side effects depending on the brand. Sometimes the effects can differ from person to person while using the same brand. And the important thing to consider here is that the form of supplement used in research may not be similar to the supplement available in the grocery stores. But you can always avoid any future issues if you consult a doctor before starting any medications.

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