Know The Uses Of Suberic Acid

by Barkha Pahuja SEO/Writer

Everything one sees around has a chemical composition and is made of different kinds of chemicals. In the same manner, plastic, which is a synthetic material, is also composed of different chemicals. One such chemical that is required for the synthetic production and manufacture of plastic is Suberic Acid.
This acid is sometimes also called octanedioic acid in the chemical labs where it is used. It is a form of a dicarboxylic acid and has the formula C8H14O4. It looks like a colourless solid of crystalline nature and widely used in plastic production chemical labs for the production of plastic using the drug synthesis process.
Features and Chemical Properties
Suberic or octanedioic acid has many chemical and industrial uses that make it an essential chemical for use in synthetic product manufacturing industries and factories. This acid is widely used in chemical industries for making packaging products and plastic materials. Here are some of the chemical features that make this acid an advantageous asset in the chemical labs.
• Physical Appearance: This acid is available in the form of a white coloured flake or powdered form of crystal. It gets easily dissolved in water and some other liquids. It can be resolved in ether and ethanol and is also slightly soluble in water.
Chemical Composition: Its chemical formula is C8H14O4 and contains two kinds of carboxylic groups in the molecules. Therefore it creates two types of salts being dicarboxylic.
• Industrial Use: This acid is used in industries in large amounts to produce different kinds of synthetic materials and objects like plasticizers, cosmetics, plastics, hydraulic fluids, candles, different types of lubricants, etc. The acid is used in the chemical labs for the synthesis of alkyd resins and polyamide. It is also in the form of an intermediate agent for the production and manufacture of aromatics, painting materials, and different antiseptics.
• Stability: This acid is highly stable in ordinary conditions and room temperature and is therefore very safe for use. Due to its high stability, it is also used to produce and manufacture different kinds of drugs and synthetic medicines.
• NFPA Ratings: According to the NFPA readings of this acid, it has a health rating of 1, an in-flammability rate of 0, and a reactivity rate of 0. This makes the acid very safe and suitable to be used under normal conditions and room temperature without the risk of any kind of hazardous effects on the body. This also makes the acid suitable to produce synthetic plastics and materials that are non-hazardous and non-reactive to the body.
• Availability: The acid is available in the chemical products market and also at low-cost prices. The packing in the industries is also done as per the requirement of the customers and also with proper care to ensure the safe use and handling of the acid by the customers and chemists and druggists in the chemical labs.
Suberic Acid Chemical manufacturers and suppliers supply the acid in high-quality and in new conditions to the customers in different parts of the world. The acid is mainly well known for the exceptional properties it has.

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