Know The Tricks to Sell Your House Fast In Los Angeles!

by Emily Ela SEO Analyst


1. Get property valuations from different appraisers.

Many sellers decide on a selling price, without knowing what their beautiful home is actually worth in the current market. This can seriously affect the chances of the property being sold (or it could be sold for less than what it is worth).

Be aware that different appraisers could have varying opinions on the supposed selling price of a property. Some real estate agents even ‘high ball’ it.

The best thing to do then is to get multiple valuations from different appraisers. They will determine the price of your home based on various factors like market conditions, state of the home, and value of other properties in the area. The more valuations you get, the more accurate and reasonable the price you can place on your home.

Of course, it follows that if the selling price is reasonable, and you have a valuation to prove it, investors and buyers would be more likely to do business with you.

2. Advertise in major property listing websites.

These days, everyone turns to the Internet to get what they are looking for. If you want to sell your house fast IN Los Angeles, then you need to advertise online as listing your house. If you aren’t online you are missing out on a huge pool of serious cash home buyers Los Angeles.

I am not a fan of advertising in the print distributions or the paper as these ads are rarely seen and the people who are seriously looking will also be looking for your property online.

3. Put a sign on your house.

Studies have shown that, after the internet, a sign out the front of your property is one of the best ways to drive buyers.

This is a traditional way of advertising, but it definitely works! Everyone who will pass by your home will know the property is available. Ask your real estate agent to make your sign for you, as most of them are happy to provide this at a cost. The sign from your agent’s company will have their logo and your agent’s number, so potential buyers can easily  ask questions related to your property.

4. Make people feel how amazing it would be to live in your home.

You know how people envy the homes they see on TV because of its big kitchen, drawing room, spacious living room, or charming garden? That’s how you should make people feel good when they enter your house.


In this post about adding value to a unit I talked about making your property feel like a home, not a box. This is so important and so many people miss this. You want an emotional cassh home buyer LosAngeles  so get them to see themselves in your home. Don’t get them thinking logically.

5. Get an experienced real estate agent in Los Angeles.

I hired an excellent real estate agent who has a lot of experience with selling homes, and he did wonders to sell my house quickly. I suggest that you do the same, because agents have access to marketing materials and resources that will make it easier to sell your property. They also have a list of potential buyers, or previous clients who can purchase your house.

My mother recently bought a property of a real estate agent before it was advertised. She was one of the people in his pool of potential cash home buyers LosAngeles and it just happened to be the right property at the right time. That is why real estate agents Los Angeles can be so valuable.

6. Make sure your house is inviting and comfortable.

Home staging deals with how your house looks like, but the trick doesn’t end there. You also need to make sure that your house feels like a home people would actually come home to. Real estate agents use a hint of vanilla scent to make buyers feel welcome. Most of the time, the buyers don’t even know why they feel drawn to the house, they just are.

You want to get them imaging living in the house. Sitting in the lounge room, cooking in the kitchen. Make the house as inviting as possible.

7. Make your house stand out from every other house.

If I wanted to sell my house right away, I know that I had to make it stand out in comparison to all the other houses up for sale in my neighbourhood. Make sure that there is something special about your house which you want to sell that will make it memorable for potential cash home buyers.

If your property and your hoise offers something that others don’t, like a garden, a pool, a office space, then that will be a plus for

you. Make sure you advertise this different and make sure potential buyers know that your house has a certain feature that other houses are missing.

8. Create a bidding war.

Instead of listing a selling price equal to similar properties in your vicinity, try to list your house for a lower price. This will give you many offers from potential buyers. Once you have a couple of offers, choose the highest offer then tell the other buyers about it.

9. Improve your property’s kerb or exterior.

The exterior of your property is also important. To attract potential cash home buyers, your home must look good, even from the outside. Many people will see your home first by driving by, so if it’s an eyesore from afar, they won’t bother take a closer look- much less come inside.

10. Create a video tour of your house and capture professional-grade pictures of your home.

One of our team of Cash Home Buyers in Los Angeles does this excellently. He has had many enquiries and purchases because of a video and attracts many site unseen buyers because of doing this.

Videos will give you an avenue to interact with thousands of potential buyers in the Internet. You can post the link of the video on the ads you posted in property sites, too. This video will help you show buyers what’s special about your house, so get a good recorder or camera to capture this and get it professionally done.

Most people are quick to make impressions based on what they see, so you need to make sure that the videos and photos of your house look good.

These tips are not the be all and end all. We didn’t actually use a video when we sold our how. But I know many investors have had success selling their property using these tips. So pull out the items that are relevant to you and ignore the rest.

Hopefully now you don’t have to wait forever sell your house fast Los Angeles, or take the low-ball offer you were given. Just follow these tips, and be patient. You should find a cash home buyer soon enough.


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