Know The Basic Natural Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types

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It's vital to take care of our skin as we all are prone to pollution and stress. Skin starts damaging if neglected and when there is no cleaning procedure. Hence there are so many ways to clean the skin, but it's always better to clean it in natural ways. Start using organic skin care products that are not harsh on the skin. 


From traditional times till now, women find out home-made methods to keep skin smooth & nice. They love to use natural ingredients that heal the skin in-depth and deliver excellent results gradually. Every skin has its unique requirements—all you need to make a daily skincare routine according to your skin type.


How to Determine Your Skin Type?

➤ Normal Skin

This skin type is wonderful as it is appropriately balanced. It's neither too oily nor on the extremely dry side. Moreover, it is not much sensitive that gets impacted easily.


Oily Skin

Oily skin is difficult to handle during the hot season as one gets sweat easily. Wondering how to know which skin is oily? The skin with greasy & shiny t-zone is considered oily skin. This is because large sebaceous glands present in the body produce excess oil. Oily skin has more chances of breakouts or acne. 


Dry Skin

In case you feel tightness or itching after cleaning the face, then you probably have dry skin. This skin type has a rough texture and a high chance of premature aging. It's better to shower some warmth & care to your skin. 


Combination Skin

In a combination-skin, one's face part is covered with oiliness as well as dryness. Some people have too much oil in the t-zone area and cheeks. Whereas the rest of the face is dry. That means it is a combination-skin.


Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is hard to handle from all skin types. It's better to use natural products for skin that doesn't damage it. Sensitive skin reacts quickly to products that are heavy and strong for it. Natural products which keep the skin cool & breathy are the perfect match for it. 

Basic Things That Needs to Follow for Healthy & Glowy Skin

As you are aware of your skin type, make sure the products you're using are related to it; otherwise, the product may harm your skin (especially sensitive skin). Catch some basic routine that every skin type need to follow:


Water Before Starting a Day

An adequate amount of water (1.5 to 2 liters) in a day gradually improves skin texture. It removes the toxins present in the body and clears the skin deeply. It's a slow process but gives you fruitful results. After waking up, drink a glass of water that cleans your stomach and ultimately helps your skin glow. You can even add citrus fruits to your water to enjoy the flavor and also prevent acne. 


➤ Deep Cleaning 

Start your morning with some magical steps to make your skin brighter and toned properly. Cleaning is vital to remove dirt from the outer layer of the skin. Go for cleansers that are foamless and are light on the skin. Gently massage it for around 2-3 minutes to see how wonderful it works. Get cleaners according to your skin type.


➤ Use of Toner

Toners are used to maintain the skin's pH level and keep your skin on a soft note throughout the day. Acne-prone skin must use toners to eliminate excess oil. Toners also tighten the pores and must be the second step after cleansing. 


➤ Moisturizing Process

After the use of cleanser & toner, moist the skin as it becomes a bit dry. Moisturizers make skin look natural and give a calming effect. It lets your skin breathe and keeps it hydrated. In the end, use sunscreen with a suitable SPF before going out.

There are several skin care products for women, but ensure that they deliver quality and keep you in touch with nature. Organic ingredients based-products are beneficial for human health. 

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