Know Paid Search and Organic Search in 2019

by Nasim Ansari Digital Marketer

Today Digital Marketing has proven more profitable than the traditional marketing because it has very fast reaches to the every customer who uses electronic devices. It includes all types of marketing efforts through the use of electronic devices on the internet which gives a huge benefit to the business digital channels.

There are the basically two ways to market your business through by using the search engines which is known as Paid Search and other is Organic Search. Firstly, we understand the meaning and the difference between about Paid and Organic Search by the following ways:


Meaning of Paid Search & its scope:  In Digital Marketing, Paid Search is known by the different names, i.e. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Display Network Ads etc.

Now we are talking about Search Engine Marketing and rest the details of about Display Network Ads will be explained in my next post, So Now Search Engine Marketing is a method where you increase traffic on your website after paying some amount on every clicks made through visitors. It is very fast method where traffic increase on the spot on your website, landing pages and generates more leads, calls, business revenues when you put more bid in the keyword as compared to every competitor and your website Ad show on the top of Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


Scope of Paid Search: Paid Search is very important techniques for your business and gives a lot of huge scope in the digital marketing by the following ways:

1.      It helps to produce fast results for every business.

2.      It helps to generate more qualified leads.

3.      You get measurable results.

4.      It’s improve your brand recognition.

5.      It provides customizable budget for your advertisement.

6.      Increase your business revenue within a short time span.

7.      It provides definitely return on investment.


Meaning of Organic Search & its scope: Organic Search is popularly known in the Search Engine Optimization/ SEO. In Organic Search Result are that type of Results that closely connect with the user’s query. Search Engine Optimization is the activity of optimizing of your websites to give rank higher in search engine result pages and it can comes high in the top rank through the various activities like SEO On page and SEO Off page optimization. In SEO you can increase your ranking on the top of the Search Result Page through creating backlinks, social bookmarking, classified advertising, blog submission, info graphics posting, image sharing etc.

By the above both type of SEO Activities you can increase traffic to your website and build your websites top ranking on the search engine result pages with every keyword within a few months.

Scope of Organic Search: There are a large scope of Organic Search in the digital marketing by the following ways:

1.      Cost advantage ( No Cost Per Click)

2.      Relevancy of the result

3.      Trust and credibility

4.      Long term strategy


There are a lot of search engines available in the world which plays a major role in the business growth. I am explaining about some major popular search engines which are as under:

1. Google Paid & Organic: You can run Paid Search through Google Adwords Portal, where you can start multiple campaign for your business after registering your Google Adwords Accounts with your budget for Search Engine Marketing. In the Campaign you create multiple ad groups and advertisement with Google Adword’s rules & algorithms. You apply a proper bid with the level of competition and the competitor’s strategy and easily get to run your marketing campaign with your budget. In Organic Search which is also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and we also discussed from the above lines in this post.

 Google Paid & Organic

2. YouTube Paid & Organic: YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google where you get multiple useful videos. Over the 1 billion available users of the social media platforms people are watching above the 50% more videos on this platform. YouTube provides a huge opportunity to get more leads for the marketers and small business owners. You basically upload a video on this online platform and you can easily promote your online videos from YouTube. In the You Tube you easily create a paid search ad for your videos and by this You Tube Ad Videos you able to generate your business revenues through a video content.

YouTube Paid & Organic

3. Bing/Yahoo Paid & Organic: Bing, which is owned by Microsoft, and it is Microsoft’s version of Google Adwords. Bing gives permission to run your paid ads on the Bing search networks and its partner networks (Yahoo, AOL).

Bing/Yahoo Paid & Organic

4. DuckDuckGo Paid & Organic: DuckDuckGo has launched in 2008, it facilitates to the users to search the web without having their IP address, or any other data.  DuckDuckGo have his own web crawler.

DuckDuckGo Paid & Organic

5. Yandex Paid & Organic: Yandex is one of the most popular sites in Russia and it’s also provides a platform where you can use it for Paid Search Advertisement for your business.

Yandex Paid & Organic

Conclusion: Today Digital Marketing is proving more profitable than traditional marketing because it has very fast reaches for every customer who uses the Internet. There are basically two ways to promote your business by using search engines which are known as Paid Search and other is Organic Search which is the best option with digital marketing services in India

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