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Meaning of the treatment IVF

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is the treatment that may be more or less associated with the patients or couples who are facing the issues relative to infertility and also wants the child of their own by one way or the other so as to access the treatment for the better future and most importantly wants the treatment to be succeed and the couple may start the new phase of their journey by entering towards the stage to be known as parenthood  and in order to facilitate the journey the couple should be happy for getting their own child without the procedure for adoption and any other related procedure.

IVF is one of the most widely known technique of fertility treatments which is known as Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) and also IVF should assess more and more successful cases where there are best technique assimilations towards infertility and to get rid from infertility and enter in fertility IVF should accelerates best method which gives success results with more and more successful cases in such aspect. IVF may be beneficial for the treatments in which all the other medications and process failed.

IVF process step by step

Step 1: - Ovulation Induction Process

Ovulation Induction is the basic step towards the fertility process for the couples who are facing the issues related to infertility treatments. Before the process of IVF to be started the foremost step is to identify the ovaries of the patient and also the timing that when should the eggs to be released and how much time minimal after medications the eggs of the patient should take.

However, the hormonal level should be monitored well by the fertility experts so as to know the exact timing for the production and stimulation procedure to be assessed with the treatment relative to IVF process. But in case the female is not producing the desired quality of the eggs in such regard than the female patient or the couple should consult with fertility experts about the egg donor or about the other procedure to be done with respect to the treatment relative to infertility.

Step 2: - Egg Retrieval Process

Egg Retrieval Process should be the next step in the same respect that may certainly announced the timing towards the eggs to be retrieved out of the female’s body in order to attain fertilization process to be completed with respect to the treatment procedure the eggs should be retrieved out of the female’s ovary and for this the eggs should be retrieved by using a fine and thin quality needle to reduce any kind of discomfort happened over the procedure to be completed and also to reduce the follicles from the ovaries of the female patient.

The eggs extracted out of the female patient’s body should be placed in the laboratory dish and after that transferring the eggs to an incubator for further process of fertilization to be completed in order to analyze the same procedure to be completed with successful results to be obtained with such aspect.

Step 3: - Fertilization Process and Embryo Formation

The next step with respect to IVF process is the fertilization process that the eggs should be mixed well with the sperms in order to attain fertility that whether the sperms should belong to the male partner himself or by using the donor’s sperms and then the sperms and the eggs should be mixed well in a laboratory dish with the sperms to be directly entered into the eggs and the embryologists should monitor the whole fertilization process so as to make sure that the healthy embryos are to be formed with such a process and so as to obtain healthy embryos once the embryos should be formed after 3 days of the fertilization to be completed.

Step 4: - Embryo Transferring process and implantation

The next step towards IVF process is the embryos transferring process in the female’s uterus. After embryologists monitor the quality of the embryos so the best quality embryos should be transferred in the female’s uterus so as to obtain healthy pregnancy. Once the embryos transferring process is being completed the fertility experts recommend the complete bed rest to the female patient for more than a day.

Step 5: - Pregnancy testing process

After completing all the above steps in such aspect of the treatment the final step is to tests the pregnancy after treatment that whether the results obtained after the treatment should be access positive outcome or negative outcome is the matter to be concerned with such aspect to be assessed. As the success rates must be dependant up on the same relative process which is also referred to as the result obtained step.

The pregnancy should be whether tested in the fertility clinic where the treatment to be done or pregnancy should be tested at home but the most important factor that may allured with such aspect should be success by default in any of the concerned case.

Basic side-effects once IVF treatment completed

The most basic side-effects after completion of the treatment of IVF which is the treatment that can get rid from infertility and the patient become fertile once done with the fertility treatment. Also there should be some kind of risks and side effects being relative to IVF treatment. Some of them are as follows: -

·         Bleeding starts after the treatment to be completed.

·         The patient is facing the infections which must be basic infective diseases patient faced after the IVF treatment.

·         Medicines intake during the treatment by the patient may sometimes results in the allergic diseases and also becomes the cause for the infectious diseases.

·         Cramping, bloating and mood swings are also relative to such kind of fertility treatments as a cause or side effect relative to such a treatment of IVF.

·         Headaches and Breast tenderness are also relative to such kind of treatment relative to such fertility treatment.

Costs associated with the infertility treatment relative to IVF

The costs relative to IVF treatment as the treatment which is basically relative to convert infertility into fertility that may allure the most assertive scenario to be completed that accrue the treatment for the betterment of infertile couples within minimum cost of about INR 220000 which is the basic investment that the couple should spent in order to get rid out of infertility and converts infertility into fertility with the nominal investment of such an amount that can be easily invested even for a middle class couples too in order to get their own child and for obtaining the family’s happiness within the nominal amount investment with the best result orientation program of IVF treatment.

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