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by Rohan Diwan Marketing Consultant
YouTube is one of the fastest-growing platforms which give people a stage to showcase their talent and creativity. Every day thousands of new Youtube channels are made by people from all around the world because it is quite inexpensive to start and in return, you get a lot of rewards if people are really liking and appreciating your work. Due to which competition is increasing immensely in every field like music channels, food channels, fashion channels, Lifestyle channels etc. And in this fast-growing world, everyone wants to be famous and to have a luxurious lifestyle. 

But over some previous years, many incident and cases came into view in which people bought subscribers and viewers by paying a whopping monetary value to Keep their video and channel trending and bring it in view of more people. And this buying of fake subscribers and viewers is completely illegal and unethical because it portrays a false image of your content and might demotivate the people who are actually working very hard on their content but don’t want to use such ways for the growth of their channel. Because nowadays the parameter of measuring success is their followers on Instagram, a number of subscribers and viewers of their videos, which is forcing people to take such steps.

Everyone is in the race of setting a world record of getting most views in a specific time period, getting more likes and to keep their video trending. And some masterpiece videos are easily able to achieve that, but because of the people who use unfair means to get viewers to sow a seed of suspicion in the mind of common man regarding every video and YouTuber. 

And it can be really disheartening for people who are actually working their hearts out to put genuinely good content. And one must not try to compare or compete with others because everyone has a different type of content and has a different target audience.

In this situation, creators must try to understand that everyone is working on their content so rather than comparing with others one must compare their content with their previous work and should work accordingly. And buying viewers and subscribers is of no use because no doubt it can set a record but it will not be able to make an impact among the audience.

This unethical practice has some other adverse impacts as well like if once you are caught doing this and your name comes in view, the image of your content, videos and channel will be hampered forever and the audience will never be able to gain trust and your work will not be able to get actual recognition.

So, people must not practice such unethical things and let the audience decide which content and content creator is good and deserves more recognition.

It has become a common perception among the online community to shun the practice of buying youtube subscribers and views. This perception stems from a number of myths against the sale of subscribers and views. It is however common knowledge among the influencer culture how common and beneficial buying subscribers and views can be if done right.  We will start out by explaining the benefits of doing the same and dispelling myths on the subject.

Breaking the ceiling
While one is casually watching youtube, they are much more likely to click on a video with higher views or subscribe to someone with a higher or at the least a decent amount of subscribers say above 20k. None looking for important information will prefer a video with 1k views over another with a higher number of views. 

That is because we implicitly judge the quality of the content of said YouTuber from how many people avidly watch them. However, anyone having tried their hand on trying to build a channel will tell you how getting to the 20k mark is quite possibly the hardest feats. It is right before when the snowball effect takes effect.

Buying subscribers and to go with that views will gain that initial trust and save you the first struggle year you would’ve taken to get to that mark, regardless of the quality of your content.
That is in short organic growth can be supported by the views and subscribers.

The Youtuber algorithm – It is often assumed how buying youtube subscribers and or views will be detected by the youtube algorithm resulting in a shadowban from the company. However, that is only true if one goes overboard. There is no actual way YouTuber could tell between paid and organic interaction. It is a spammy behaviour that makes the algorithm vary. The trick then is to buy high-quality interaction and invest more in it slowly, increasing it over time and not suddenly.

The new youtube rules also actively work against videos with a lesser amount of views. Try to remember the last time you have suggested a video with less than 4k views. Exactly! The algorithm pushes content it believes more people are watching and liking and shows it to more people and the way to hack the system into showing your video to more people is by buying initial interaction with your videos and channel tricking the system and giving you a boost.

Google ad word – if you are seeking to get sponsored and get paid for your videos or even to create that sweet google Adsense money, an initial investment to increase your views or subscribers can get you there faster. The new Youtuber rules expect 10 hours of watch time at the minimum before they put any ads on your videos, now you could either wait months before you could get there or invest a little.

It is a common practice – despite what your favourite YouTubers will tell you they at some point have bought views, it isn’t an unheard-of practice. An initial help takes you to channel long ways making your YouTuber career viable. 

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