Know About the Adverse Effects on Your Child's Smile with Prolonged Use of Pacifier

by Allen Rose Doctor

Pediatric dentists are the dental professionals who are qualified and trained to deal specifically with the cases that are centered on children. They practice and recommend all the techniques and methods for the betterment of not only the dental health of children but also their overall health.

There are many responsibilities that come with parenting and keeping track of the child dental health can become difficult. Although, parents tend to feed their children well, get them exercised and socialized well but often neglect their dental health. Parents always want the best for their children when their dental health is concerned but are not aware about the best way to do so. 

General habits in young children

Sucking on a pacifier is one of the most common habits that exist in infants and younger children. Children feel relaxed and even parents allow their babies to use it as it helps in soothing their young children. Although, it is also believed that it is better to suck on the pacifier rather than sucking on the thumbs or fingers. It is easier to break the habit of using the pacifier in comparison to their habit of sucking thumb.   

But the prolonged use of pacifier can cause huge damage on your child’s smile and the overall dental health. When the baby is few months or a year old, it might be fine to use a pacifier but before your child turns two years, the pacifier use must be stopped. But in case the habit continues, you need to seek advice from a dentist practicing pediatric dentistry to restrict the pacifier use and also to correct the associated dental problems with it.

What are the adverse effects of using a pacifier?

The development of jaw and underlying bite starts as early as in the infant years. If the child has a habit of using a pacifier for longer duration, it can really cause havoc in the development of their jaw and affect their health in many ways. Longer usage of pacifier can misalign your child’s teeth. The front teeth in children turn to protrude out, resulting in the condition known as buck teeth; in which the upper teeth projects over the lower lip.  Or it may also cause the bottom teeth to tilt in inward.  This misalignment of teeth will not only make the face unappealing, but also affect your child's ability to speak properly. It can also lead to pain and discomfort in the later years of age.

Use of the pacifier for a longer frame of time may also put the child's teeth at the risk of various dental issues such as cavities, tooth decay and even tooth loss. Bacteria can also get build up on the pacifier and when it comes in contact to the child's teeth and mouth, the bacteria spreads across the teeth and gums. The germs and bacteria can result in serious dental issues.

How pediatric dentistry can treat this condition?

If you see any complication in the development of your child’s teeth or if their bite is misaligned, it is recommended to take your child to a pediatric dentist immediately. In such conditions, you might need to restrict the use of pacifier or even completely stop it. But the child may face difficulty as the pacifier tends to give them a calming aid when they fell asleep. A pediatric dentist can suggest you the techniques and methods that can help in relaxing the child’s body and mind.     

Once the child stops the use of pacifier and starts feeling relaxed without it, the dentist will start the treatment for their misaligned bite. Orthodontic care provided by a pediatric dentist becomes necessary to correct the child's dental development.

If you stay in Snellville GA and looking for a renowned pediatric dentistry clinic for your child, then contact Snellville Family Dental. Having someone that specializes in working with children can be very helpful. Their office is equipped for entertaining and easing little ones’ dental fears. They have a friendly, engaging attitude when children are sitting in the chair and help children tolerate the poking and prodding that comes with dental check-ups and cleanings. Their friendly staff will be able to answer all your questions and help your child feel welcome and safe.

If you have been looking for an experienced and gentle dentist to take care of your child’s smile, you’ve found the right place. Contact the friendly staff at Snellville Family Dental, today.


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